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Merge branch 'vlad/english_cancel_bid_fix' into 'master'

Fix cancel bid

See merge request !66
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......@@ -48,9 +48,9 @@ Init Bidders
2. Натиснути кнопку "Відмінити"
Wait Until Page Contains Element ${BTN_BET_REJECT}
Click Element ${BTN_BET_REJECT}
${ACCEPTED_BET} = Get Text //div[@class="bidder-accepted"]
${ACCEPTED_BET} = Remove String Using Regexp ${ACCEPTED_BET} [^.0-9]
Click Element ${BTN_BET_REJECT}
Wait Until Page Contains Element //div[@class='updates-list-item-status' and .='Вашу ставку ${ACCEPTED_BET} грн було відмінено']
3. Повторно подати валідну ставку
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