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  • v3.12.1
    Tagged release v3.12.1
    04fc71c fix publish step
    6c4adf6 Temporarily allow failure for regression tests
    89b2d7a Increase timeout for bet conformation
    a27fca6 Add artifacts expiration time
    a0e8980 Update ci configuration
    da8e902 Refactor Makefile
    f901230 Fix test CBD3-TE-MA-UC-05-09
    1e4e49b Add test for CBD3-TE-MA-UC-05-03
    788db8a WIP: Add test for CBD3-TE-MA-UC-06-08
    6e4cf63 Add test for CBD3-TE-MA-UC-05-07
    0dcf6a3 Add test for CBD3-TE-MA-UC-05-10
    1799246 Fix RailwayCargo auctions
    a63ef8e Add test for CBD3-TE-MA-UC-05-08
    603c580 Add test for CBD3-TE-MA-UC-05-09
    9001f0e Skip Module 01
    47c2fb1 Fix cancel bid
    9e56587 Fix BTN_REJECT_BET
    0603d03 Add test for CBD3-TE-MA-UC-06-01
    4cf7c39 Add test for CBD3-TE-MA-UC-06-03
    17a9d0a Add test for CBD3-TE-MA-UC-06-06
    53b334b Add test for CBD3-TE-MA-UC-06-05
    aff3573 Add test for CBD3-TE-MA-UC-05-05
    dd298be Fix results_warning element
    3d0945a Fix Timber auctions
    6a68160 Add test for CBD3-TE-MA-UC-05-04
    6d3eb03 Fix DGF Auctions
    035c946 Add test for CBD3-TE-MA-UC-05-02
    7323dd3 Update requests
    064f418 Remove useless spaces
    72ad203 Add Tests for 1. Links to Auction Module
    c077938 Fix DGF auctions
    e528f28 Fix dutch round in 07-08
    3f33c97 Fix smoke tests
    7c45dec Add test for CBD3-DU-MA-UC-07-08
    d676509 Update requirements.txt
    7d2323a Add test for CBD3-DU-MA-UC-06-07
    922b72c Change dutch round step duration
    8dbcdae Pabot integration for parallel testing
    f36f8d5 Skip dgf suites by dgf tag
    433c7a5 Skip DGF tests
    0051b2d Add test for CBD3-DU-MA-UC-06-06
    a3b6a82 Add test for CBD3-DU-MA-UC-07-01
    b61455f Fix dutch round button clicking
    a40b057 Add test for CBD3-DU-MA-UC-07-04
    5b12c33 Add test for CBD3-DU-MA-UC-07-07
    e856827 Add test for CBD3-DU-MA-UC-03-04
    64b203f Add longer wait timings
    dc3c5ba Add longer waiting timings for CBD3-DU-MA-UC-06-04
    478cb23 Add test for CBD3-DU-MA-UC-03-03
    0fec30d Fix invalid auction-details displaying
    44cca5d Add test for CBD3-DU-MA-UC-06-02 and CBD3-DU-MA-UC-06-04
    2759ba1 Add test for 3. Auction URL and authorization
    355979e Add test for 7.Work with bids
    94a8fdc Added test for Auction Periods
    6e9a1fe Refactoring
    5ee319d Added test for CBD3-DU-MA-UC-02-03
    a060b35 Fixed decimal amount and removed ID`s from auctions
    0332b6b Add test for CBD3-DU-MA-UC-02-02
    d502032 add test for CBD3-DU-MA-UC-02-01
    b299845 change in dict TE and TM "code": from "KWT" to "MTQ"
    76334e3 Refactoring
    f030f81 add post request for Now
    d5f9430 make resouce  path shorten
    7c962f5 add test for CBD3-TE-MA-UC-04-04
    b065844 Refactoring
    2aeff26 add test for МАEnglish-CBD3-TE-MA-UC-04-01
    87a3573 add dgf-dutch action and shorten locators
    af37bec rebase with master
    0d0085d refactoring dictionary and add json env for  AUCTION_TOKEN
    4bab71d add dgf action
    b434a58 add tests for renewables-multiAwards
    a14c1aa add tests for renewables-multiAwards
    4d6c06a add test for timber-multiAwards
    64d23e6 add test for railwayCargo-dutch-initial-auction
    2fe4e76 add tests for subsoil-dutch auction
    fe5edab add tests for subsoil-english-initial-auction