Tagged release v3.22.0

2108270 Update swagger client to version 3.22.0
156f8ed Modify railwayCargo fixtures
57131c4 Update railway tests with new startDate format
6bc1233 Update subsoil tests with new startDate format
0947811 Update timber tests with new startDate format
9a7ddb4 Update renewables tests with new startDate format
c42285e Update railway procedure fixure data
875a6c5 Update timber test_disqualification_pending_award test
5ce6f27 Update timber fixture with new bid amounts
ed94dac Update renewables contract cancellation tests
9aa455f Rename nadra modules and fixtrues to subsoil
110c95c Update test_sign_contract
f8e363d Update test_self_cancellation_challenger_award_in_active_awarded
f05059a Update self_cancellation_challenger_award test
0dc9bfd Activate timber initial qualification tests
6cdb355 Update timber initial quailififcation data
98cb1aa Update ci url
2ba82c0 Update client version to 3.17.0
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