Tagged release v3.7.0

77a8d4b Update client version to 3.7.0
13d8c44 Fix  self  cancelling waiting award
2cbde07 Update railway auctions
77e3922 Update nadra test_auction_starts_flow test
93f2d53 Unskip renewables auction tests
29e0aa9 Fix test_self_cancellation_challenger_award
c438488 Update settings
966aa1f Change fixture desxription
699e350 Fix test with tender attempts equals 2
ddc2c95 Fix auctions bids accuracy
570c7e6 Unskip working  test case in renewables module about cancel admission
0cc4e6a Update railway procedure fields and tests
cfc2ee5 Update nadra procedure fields and tests
41b2316 Update renewables fixtures and tests
9587e04 Update timeouts for procedure cancellations
9ed2e31 Move document service test cases to separate module
a2ff70e Small refactoring in nadra and railway cargo test cases
9dedd3f Correct region value for nadra and railway
c86c635 Add for renewables variables specific name, fix cancellation test cases, remove from nadra excess methods
3933f4c Additional available railway test cases by scenarios #7
ad42bb2 Add LICENSE
529d944 Add config with temporary fixture for railwayCargo procedure, implement test cases #7
70380b0 English auctions cases and Qualification cases for nadraEnglish procedure
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