Commit 2fef8126 authored by Viacheslav Sukhovieiev's avatar Viacheslav Sukhovieiev
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Merge branch 'slava/fix_dutch_minimal_step_amount' into 'master'

fix(dutch): set minimalStep value  amount equal to dutchStepValue amount

See merge request !2009
parents 3bc67f7f 24da6783
......@@ -208,7 +208,7 @@ class DutchStepMixin:
if self.minimalStep:
if self.value and self.dutchStep:
self.minimalStep.amount = round(self.value.amount * self.dutchStep.dutchStepPercent / 100, 2)
self.minimalStep.amount = self.dutchStep.dutchStepValue.amount
self.minimalStep.currency = self.value.currency
def _validate_bid_value_amount(self, amount):
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