Commit c4cba041 authored by Oleg Kachur's avatar Oleg Kachur 👽
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(feat: LLD) Set minimalStep as read-only

For propper swagger description.

ISSUE: #1062
parent aff5c55e
......@@ -1401,6 +1401,7 @@ schemas:
x-legalNameEn: Registration fee
default: { }
readOnly: true
- $ref: '#/components/schemas/base.DutchMinimalStep'
x-legalNameUa: Розмір кроку аукціону
......@@ -1424,8 +1425,8 @@ schemas:
type: integer
default: 3
format: int64
readOnly: true
format: int64
x-legalNameUa: Лот виставляється
x-legalNameEn: Attempt number
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