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  • v3.37.0 protected
    adcc5c65 · fix: translate ·
    Tagged release v3.37.0
    adcc5c65 fix: translate issue: prozorro-sale/auction-frontend#892
    9f5b786a fix: check info message on connection lost
    8c4aa4f7 fix: check render bots
    2912e5bc fix: duplicate notifications
    c4d9c712 fix:[882] centered item text for progress menu
    8c1e52f4 fix: not send bit is valid issue: prozorro-sale/auction-frontend#888
    1280f5bf fix: input not clean
    772f37b9 feat: styling not found auction page issue: prozorro-sale/auction-frontend#886
    36018e6e feat(ws): change unconfirmed bid action
    ca03f77d feat: styling not found page
    59d48748 feat: add web worker for check connection
    a4cc4589 fix: api-version contentType
    208b814d feat (ws): add action and transaction
    6eae7587 feat (ws): change ws connection url
    6c09097d Hotfix/v3.36.2
    542b76a5 feat (ws): change ws connection url
    4793adf8 fix:[869] scroll tooltip priority auction
    cf48d764 fix:[860]background to body
    c26bc648 add: [860] background preloader page
    01973d5b feed: replace react custom store to redux store. Add new websocket connection.
  • v3.36.2 protected
    Tagged release v3.36.2
    76bca3ee add: [860] background preloader page
    8a0c3741 fix:[860]background to body
  • v3.36.1 protected
    Tagged release v3.36.1
    d8aef8ad change:[849] add canceled and unsuccessfull status to dict statuses
    1c457c9f feat (search): move SimpleSell to CommercialSell
    e1162330 add:[850] display statuses auctions
    e35392bf fix: resolve function typo
    eac8c657 fix: add fb form script loaded listener to open it after it loaded
  • v3.35.0 protected
    Tagged release v3.35.0
    0d0d309c fix:[805] border radius for top calendar
    1bbd6afe fix:[840] error for max value bids and fix field input
    fb65f7c5 fix:[843] sorting breaks when "show 10 more auctions" button is activated
    1afb6d5a fix:[845] auction-description out of block
    97658685 change:[825] fields auction type to responsive 1120px
    6491183a fix:[832] theme-color for manifest
  • v3.34.1 protected
    Tagged release v3.34.1
    632726f9 change:[841] sort auction field for date
    f8b3664c change:[842] add GA for menu hamburger
    d2faf1db change:[823] search form component to sidebar and main content
    12d1a757 fix:[843] when sorting is activated in the header, go to the first page
    d25cd28e add:[838] add google analytics to infinity auction
    9541da7b feat: add ga to main page
    db98d4c4 fix: calendar is cut at low screen resolutions
    ab0954d6 feat:[755] add style fonts for accessibility
  • v3.34.0 protected
    ac98b2f5 · fix: branch deploy ·
    Tagged release v3.34.0
    ac98b2f fix: branch deploy
    e72b8d4 fix:[821] flag margin responsiv min-width 800px
    1318946 change:[832] change the color of header bar, address bar mobile chrome + safari
    feeb969 fix:[831]feedback form gradien index
    fc32872 changes:[802] when switching pages scroll to top
    c565e19 fix:[825] auction type field column to mobile
    7b8913b fix: includes files from root path
    4abdf28 fix:[805] gradien z-index
    225b033 fix: few request to search
    f2859a0 fix: translation label field value amount
    3bd5be4 fix:[814] add spinner for loaded page
    c60329b feat: add matrix action and procedure types by options select
    997842a fix:[803]aution id underline
    399edf8 change:[817, 824] add style for hover auction type
    2ac6191 feat: add support procedure without auction
    9b19a03 fix:[788] disabled btn raise and confirm infinity auction version black and white
    5911385 fix:[830] change datepiker input border
    d56f1d5 change:[826] changing the arrangement of words
    d88ae4f fix: filter by value amount if startValueAmount and endValueAmount equal
    50bad6d change:[828] pagination position bottom
    5ed7373 feat:[806] disabled button reset filters - main page
    8ffbacd fix: search include end date
    b696fd0 fix: validation amount in main page
    21f7dce fix:[815] select list height for main page
    97fd47c fix:[818, 819] auction card content first column
    bb3e073 fix:[820] autocomplete off to datepicker
    5e338be fix:[804] input datepicker border
    79d6060 fix:[803] hover autction block for main page
    0e25964 feat: remove last page from pagination
    31c4089 feat: add filter by click label auction type
    92ae548 fix: remove currency filter
    02bb02c fix: manifest.json
    4c4668b fix: browser cache
    d7cfde7 fix: favicon location
    6a8dc1d fix(websocket):  add ping pong communication
    7330532 fix(websocket):  add ping pong communication
    098640c fix: browser cache
    401acbc fix(websocket):  add ping pong communication
    7f50b2b fix(websocket):  add ping pong communication
    28ba821 fix(websocket):  add ping pong communication
    c763036 fix:[788] disabled button after placing a bid and hidden field bid form
    521fb87 fix:[789] scrolling main block after open bidder form
    8e9d49f feat: add href by creator auction
    23d7421 fix: change show value in AuctionCard
    b10e028 fix: preload style, image and font
    adccdbb fix: new handler if aucions not fount
    b3fcc33 Style for pagination and for IE
    3c78754 fix: search by auction and procedure type
    2ff9dad fix: remove duplicate attr
    28558b5 fix: styles for paginations
    7fbc990 fix: add translation datepicker and type auctions options
    d54e5d7 fix: fix test case
    263b4cc feat: add integration new search api and new pagination
    34a4dc2 fix: main page selects, buttons, style pagination
    f1f18d4 feat: add reset button to default form value
    a22c331 feat: add sidebar to main page
    163e563 feat:add to mobile ability to hide active filters
    6923c05 feat: change select input to react-select
    8e158e9 11.02.2022
    08ac434 24.04.2022
    e7a2cef 22.04.2022
    d779567 feat:[666, 667] redesign main page
  • v3.33.3 protected
    Tagged release v3.33.3
    b6de8e7 fix(websocket):  add ping pong communication
  • v3.33.2 protected
    Tagged release v3.33.2
    8263543 fix(websocket):  add ping pong communication
  • v3.33.1 protected
    Tagged release v3.33.1
    0a9077c3 fix:[796] centered bid in fields rounds
    6e017a5d fix:[795] field bid error input
    2f3875c1 fix:[790] sensor active fields black and white + large version
    81937dba fix:[792] feedback form cancel button black and white version
    64f2e2a4 fix:[790] sensor for active fields black and white version
    5e11fdfc fix:[793] feedback form button for black and white
    1956d50f fix:remove uppercase from prozoro link, title and etc.
  • v3.33.0 protected
    Tagged release v3.33.0
    b31489d fix:[784] IE button hover background
    800b763 fix:[783] priority auction block with ID outside the page
    06a7478 fix:[781]priority auction warning field top change icon question
    30613d7 fix:[779] fix input bidder text for accessibility
    9fbfcf2 fix:[672] custom input wrapping characters
    c08708e fix:[777] fix images after icon-image-timeline
    8c104c7 fix:[784] feed-back form for IE scroll and btn text color
    8ec5110 fix:[782] priority auction bids info
    cf40654 fix:[672] remove scroll input 320-360px
    2243c0c fix:[769] stage warning field for IE
    58ad8d5 fix:[779] input text 500 - 1050px positions
    f79180c fix:[768] fix text button bidder form
    c7b93a3 fix:[764, 779] text for block info bid and input text
    db613d9 fix:[775] change accessibility tooltipe content
    e80ef6a fix:[777] change icon future left block
    395b31b fix:[774] exchange world normal for default
    6a9f968 feat: save accessibility settings to local storage
    9d2ddfc feat: add ga event to accessibility settings
    1eb95d5 feat: change endpoint api by get procedure info
  • v3.32.0 protected
    Tagged release v3.32.0
    0922b4f feat: custom bid input with textarea
    2efa9e1 fix:[770] bidder button position
    68c9877 fix:[765, 766] word break dutch stage rate
    7b0a704 fix:[762] fedback form checkbox color black and white
    edc8494 fix:[751, 752] icon-succes infinity accessibility
    68ce89e fix:[767] bidder content field for IE
    509189c fix:[768] bidder btn text for IE
    3d7bd3c fix:[763, 764] bidder content position
    9764a0d fix:[743] details content position
    8699553 fix:[751,752] center active bid icon
    571e4cb fix:[760] bidder accepted color for black and white version
    23d39c7 fix:[749] scroll left block for IE
    ef8349d fix:[747] info messages position for IE
    96e8e7e fix:[750] icon active bid for IE
    193a190 fix:[746] block active bidder position for IE
    5267b17 fix:[745] centered main block for IE
    52a0bca fix(api version): fixed display of api versions
    1296c88 fix: hover link black and white
    3a19ec9 fix:[743] details context width
    bd3bf3f fix: hidden tooltip
    023bc93 fix: height accessibility window
    18e7843 fix:[739] translation tooltip and pop-up accessibility
    98a4295 fix:[738] bidder form text for mobile
    9d9c26f fix:[741, 742] align centre results timer
    18febfd fix:[735] active field color for black and white
    9416b38 fix/[737] canceled bids btn mobile
    002b47d fix:[740] details about aution - fix text style
    83989ab fix: close accesibility popup after click outside
    76b8cae fix: header details btn
    cfe73a8 Infinity auction "Accessibility"
    1f4a61d add-style-adaptive-fonts
    370d742 fix: change logic show accessibility popup
    122d56d add-style-adaptive-fonts
    622828d fix: add accessibility settings to redux
    a0b703f add-style-adaptive-fonts
    9f8a05f Brehunov/652/style for large content
    149cd70 feat: add popup accessability settings
    f7fd611 feat:[652] function_for_the_visually_impaired
  • v3.31.0 protected
    Tagged release v3.31.0
    90956b3 fix:[736] replacement of the successful auction icon
    5356ebc build: update runner
    821ed69 feat: upgrade infobar(adding flexible settings for messages)
  • v3.30.0 protected
    Tagged release v3.30.0
    0ce3508 fix: add message by infinity auction when other bidders place bid
    511aeb2 feat: change url by participant and organizators
  • v3.29.0 protected
    Tagged release v3.29.0
    061f4ab feat: add infinite auction
  • v3.28.1 protected
    Tagged release v3.28.1
    2bbfea7 fix: bug by ie
  • v3.28.0 protected
    Tagged release v3.28.0
    5a09bc6 fix: add break line to error translation
    def08ab fix: change translation error by charity auction
    fb0fb86 feat: remove unsafe-inline from style-src (CSP)
  • v3.27.2 protected
    Tagged release v3.27.2
    7da3738 fix:change en translation english auction titles
    54cd6aa fix (locales): change title
  • v3.27.1 protected
    Tagged release v3.27.1
    d972fb9 fix: change translation stop dutch round bidder
    9949677 feat: add change language in survey form
    4eecc0e feat: add custom detector language from navigator
    2e70f66 fix: change en translation in error button and link title
    90aafe0 fix: change show translate messages diffMinimalAndCurrentBidPopUp
    075b847 fix: bidder text input
    12f5f86 fix:[686] tabs text to left column
    d65a841 fix:[679] flickering while translating
    47a30ea fix:[678] grsadient text for buttons
    ef9c26e fix: list language item focus - outline
    8846f24 fix: change en translation in done state for dutch auction
    0ea6034 fix: fix translation in infobar messages
    7350770 fix: fix all line breaks in en translation
    e945e8f fix: fix translation date and bid prompt
    862a516 fix:fix en diffMinimalAndCurrentBidPopUp translation
    2d4db15 feat: enable language switcher and add en_US translation
    2f1351a doc: add comment to js code(jsdoc)
    f3c4a5d doc: rewrite readme
    7db1ab2 fix (CSP): auction ws connection
    80fcf35 fix:fix demo dev env values
    4aabd76 fix (CSP): auction ws connection
    34fb5c3 fix: change add surrvey script. Add ws to connect-src by Safari.
    7bf5ebc fix:[68] fix for scroll textara fields
    d7b46b5 fix:[662] fix fields stage-rate
    3d1488a fix (CSP): temporary add 'unsafe-inline' for survey.js style
    405a2df fix (CSP): temporary add 'unsafe-eval' for survey.js
    fde3972 fix (required): update package-lock.json for new npm
    e2cf887 fix (CI): add CHART_MUSEUM_URL
    0adef43 fix (CI): helm artifact name
    16123a4 feat: add content-security-policy
    60eec40 fix: [66] question button layout
    eb6562e fix:[67] scroll to top button
    ce5c9ed fix:[69] button fedback form mobile
    4a6e4a8 fix:[662] fix margin after feature-settings
    cd5e4d5 fix:[662] add font-feature-settings
    f5ed0b3 fix:[655] change class name
    9a2a050 build: add survey-version to script src to avoid browser caching
    58a778d fix:[661] change favicon
    51e7bf8 feat(packages): update ga plugin
    0cd88b8 fix: change regular expression and replace value
    fd8c960 feat:install GA censored plugin
  • v3.27.0 protected
    Tagged release v3.27.0
    7db1ab2 fix(CSP): auction ws connection
    80fcf35 fix(deploy): demo dev env values
    34fb5c3 fix: change add surrvey script. Add ws to connect-src by Safari.
    7bf5ebc fix: fix for scroll textara fields
    d7b46b5 fix: fix fields stage-rate
    3d1488a fix(CSP): temporary add 'unsafe-inline' for survey.js style
    405a2df fix(CSP): temporary add 'unsafe-eval' for survey.js
    fde3972 fix(required): update package-lock.json for new npm
    e2cf887 fix(CI): add CHART_MUSEUM_URL
    0adef43 fix(CI): helm artifact name
    16123a4 feat(CSP): add content-security-policy
    60eec40 fix: question button layout
    eb6562e fix: scroll to top button
    ce5c9ed fix: button fedback form mobile
  • v3.26.0 protected
    Tagged release v3.26.0
    4a6e4a8 fix: margin after feature-settings
    cd5e4d5 fix: add font-feature-settings
    f5ed0b3 fix: change class name
    9a2a050 build: add survey-version to script src to avoid browser caching
    58a778d fix: change favicon
    51e7bf8 feat(packages): update ga plugin
    0cd88b8 fix: change regular expression and replace value
    fd8c960 feat: install GA censored plugin