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  • v3.35.0 protected
    Tagged release v3.35.0
    2f392c2 fix: change date for penalty to 2023.02.27
    335080c fix(BRD,BRE): change percent value for administratorFee and percentage definition from amountWithTax
    06ebeda fix: set the date from which the changes will take effect
    70a4c29 fix(RLD,RLE): don't charge tax
    808e2c6 fix(RLD,RLE): feeSharingOrganizerOperator variable always with vat
    0ee283a refactor: use math_round function from tools
    bd95119 feat: disq
    3b50fb6 fix(RLD,RLE): change feeSharingOrganizerOperator calculation
  • v3.34.0 protected
    Tagged release v3.34.0
    39f3ffb feat: set date for new operatorFee percentage issue: https://gitlab.prozorro.sale/prozorro-sale/billing/-/issues/105
    959a2a0 test: change date from for config issue: https://gitlab.prozorro.sale/prozorro-sale/billing/-/issues/105
    c5fc3bd fix: add upgrade wheel in dockerfile
    5ca5b4c refactor: separate config files for uz exception
    c093b60 feat(BS,CS): change operatorFee percentage issue: https://gitlab.prozorro.sale/prozorro-sale/billing/-/issues/105
    f0603ea refactor(ALE,BSE): separate configs for PrivatBank issue: https://gitlab.prozorro.sale/prozorro-sale/billing/-/issues/106
  • v3.33.0 protected
    Tagged release v3.33.0
    4b991e5 fix(LL): for martialLawDisclaimer calculate operatorFeeSum if other in schedule issue: prozorro-sale/billing#103
    0b22186 test: add test for martialLawDisclaimer with other issue: prozorro-sale/billing#103
    0084186 fix: remove tax from operatorFee issue: prozorro-sale/billing#102
  • v3.32.0 protected
    Tagged release v3.32.0
    4878921 Update calculator_configs/regulationsPropertylease-customs_bank.yml
    0155710 Update calculator_configs/constants.yml
    22bfb2b fix: available to set 0 for minValue in config
    afb0501 refactor: remove overwriteValue logic
    28d3185 fix(BS): BS for NPL proc operatorFee valueAddedTaxIncluded false if without tax
    ce4ffdc fix(BR,LR,LS,LP,SP): recalculate finalValue and finalValueTaxAmount variables
    15c6550 fix(BS,SP,LP): do not calculate operatorFeeTaxAmount variable if there is no tax
    78c326c fix(ALE): recalculate finalValue and finalValueTaxAmount variables issue: https://gitlab.prozorro.sale/prozorro-sale/billing/-/issues/96
    300626c fix(BS): change feeSharingOrganizerOperator valueAddedTaxIncluded issue: https://gitlab.prozorro.sale/prozorro-sale/protocol-service/-/issues/167
    c2f5540 fix(CL,LL,RL): calculate annualLeasePrice from amountWithTax issue: https://gitlab.prozorro.sale/prozorro-sale/billing/-/issues/100
    89f4a8f fix(RLD,RLE): add tax for operatorFee value in case false false issue: https://gitlab.prozorro.sale/prozorro-sale/billing/-/issues/98
    e2716f7 feat(LL): leaseDuration sets to year if martialLawDisclaimer True issue: https://gitlab.prozorro.sale/prozorro-sale/billing/-/issues/97
    f49c955 feat(LPD,LPE): add config issue: https://gitlab.prozorro.sale/prozorro-sale/billing/-/issues/99
    8859c50 fix(ALE): change finalValueSum value calculating issue: https://gitlab.prozorro.sale/prozorro-sale/billing/-/issues/96
  • v3.31.0 protected
    Tagged release v3.31.0
    8766155 fix(ALE,CSE,CSD): percentage definition from value with tax issue: https://gitlab.prozorro.sale/prozorro-sale/billing/-/issues/93
    a144d6f fix(SPD,SPE): return 0 if finalValueSum negative https://gitlab.prozorro.sale/prozorro-sale/billing/-/issues/95
    d444dd7 test: add tests for the remaining procedures
    6675ae6 test(BRE): add test for operatorFee variable
    696ccba test(ALE): add test for operatorFee calculation
    0c0093c test: add fixtures
    adef902 test: check operatorFee, operatorToBidderSum dependence on schedule value
  • v3.30.0 protected
    Tagged release v3.30.0
    5dd3c91 fix(LLP): operatorToBidderSum value logic
  • v3.29.0 protected
    Tagged release v3.29.0
    02e0f71 fix(BRD,BRE): if finalValue equal saleValue return it not zero
    33d4c8b fix: round winnerBid values
  • v3.28.0 protected
    Tagged release v3.28.0
    b216f9b feat(BRD, BRE): add new variable refundToBidderSum issue: https://gitlab.prozorro.sale/prozorro-sale/billing/-/issues/89
  • v3.27.0 protected
    Tagged release v3.27.0
    4e20eb7 fix(SPD,SPE): define administatorFee from amountWithTax issue: https://gitlab.prozorro.sale/prozorro-sale/billing/-/issues/87
    5997c5c feat: add override logic if value not in range
    0de004e feat(CI/CD): issue templates
    22e5476 fix: rounding values in calculate method issue: https://gitlab.prozorro.sale/prozorro-sale/billing/-/issues/88
    29b299c feat(SPD,SPE): add new variable bidderToOperatorSum and change finalValueSum calculating logic issue: https://gitlab.prozorro.sale/prozorro-sale/billing/-/issues/87
    9a0576b return none for excepted variables issue: https://gitlab.prozorro.sale/prozorro-sale/billing/-/issues/84
    5179ae7 fix(RLD,RLE): do not calculate the operatorToBidderSum issue: https://gitlab.prozorro.sale/prozorro-sale/billing/-/issues/84
    10f9f2f refactor: remove unused variable disqualifiedOperatorFee issue: https://gitlab.prozorro.sale/prozorro-sale/billing/-/issues/86
    85428bf feat: add new variables that are calculated in protocols
  • v3.26.0 protected
    Tagged release v3.26.0
    c746662 feat(BSD,BSE,SPE): calculate operatorFeeTaxAmount issue: https://gitlab.prozorro.sale/prozorro-sale/billing/-/issues/85
  • v3.25.0 protected
    Tagged release v3.25.0
    4a40222 fix(security): update python package
  • v3.24.3 protected
    Tagged release v3.24.3
    279ca9b refactor: caltculating finalValueSum issue: https://gitlab.prozorro.sale/prozorro-sale/billing/-/issues/81
    d50ebda fix: change saleValueSum to finalValueSum
    b144e1e fix(BSD,BSE): percentage definition from value with tax issue: https://gitlab.prozorro.sale/prozorro-sale/billing/-/issues/82
    781739a fix(NLD,NLE): percentage_definition_from_value_with_tax issue: https://gitlab.prozorro.sale/prozorro-sale/billing/-/issues/83
    189ff86 feat: add saleValue issue: https://gitlab.prozorro.sale/prozorro-sale/billing/-/issues/79
  • v3.24.2 protected
    Tagged release v3.24.2
    401b7a5 fix: round off procedure.winnerBid values issue: https://gitlab.prozorro.sale/prozorro-sale/billing/-/issues/78
    d7fc402 fix(CSD,CSE): change valueAddedTaxIncluded to true issue: https://gitlab.prozorro.sale/prozorro-sale/billing/-/issues/76
  • v3.24.1 protected
    Tagged release v3.24.1
    62572d6 fix: change valueIn items from int to str for identifier.id issue: https://gitlab.prozorro.sale/prozorro-sale/billing/-/issues/74
    984708f fix: change config description for customs_banks issue: https://gitlab.prozorro.sale/prozorro-sale/billing/-/issues/73
    c226f29 fix(BRD,BRE): add tax to winnerBid amount issue: https://gitlab.prozorro.sale/prozorro-sale/procedure/-/issues/1726
    89a046b fix(BRD,BRE): add tax to winnerBid amount issue: https://gitlab.prozorro.sale/prozorro-sale/procedure/-/issues/1726
  • v3.24.0 protected
    4e2b1800 · fix: branch deploy ·
    Tagged release v3.24.0
    ae7faf4 fix: branch deploy
    1b4f021 feat(NLE,NLD): add billing config issue: https://gitlab.prozorro.sale/prozorro-sale/billing/-/issues/72
  • v3.23.0 protected
    Tagged release v3.23.0
    f9dfc39 fix(config): change RLE/RLD
    67ce747 fix(config): change CLE/CLD
    a058b49 feat: add new values for minimumLivingCost issue: https://gitlab.prozorro.sale/prozorro-sale/billing/-/issues/71
    8739b90 fix(config): change procedure rules issue: prozorro-sale/billing#69
    f04f32b fix(config): operatorFee 4000000 border issue: prozorro-sale/billing#69
    37df768 fix(config): change get procedure rules issue: prozorro-sale/billing#69
    13888dd feat(config): add basicSell for customs ukraine issue: prozorro-sale/billing#69
    c3e494c feat(config): add commercialPropertyLease issue: prozorro-sale/billing#70
  • v3.22.0 protected
    Tagged release v3.22.0
    4d0c574 fix(config): add exceptions for Ukrainian Railways issue: https://gitlab.prozorro.sale/prozorro-sale/billing/-/issues/66
    334402f fix(config): delete exceptions for Ukrainian Railways issue: https://gitlab.prozorro.sale/prozorro-sale/billing/-/issues/66
    955d605 feat(build): image optimisation
    e1ce63a fix(config): change proc name
    966f360 feat(config): delete old config
    8ab4936 feat(config): change calculation for Ukrainian Railways issue: https://gitlab.prozorro.sale/prozorro-sale/billing/-/issues/66
  • v3.21.0 protected
    Tagged release v3.21.0
    2f0415d fix: change calculation for privat issue: https://gitlab.prozorro.sale/prozorro-sale/billing/-/issues/62
  • v3.20.0 protected
    Tagged release v3.20.0
    d88c8d4 docs: add docstring for billing issue: https://gitlab.prozorro.sale/prozorro-sale/billing/-/issues/68
    40fc609 fix: change fromField procedure.value.amount to procedure.winnerBid.amount issue: https://gitlab.prozorro.sale/prozorro-sale/billing/-/issues/62
  • v3.19.0 protected
    Tagged release v3.19.0
    d0f85f0 fix(BSE,BRD,ALE): add correct exception for privatbank issue: https://gitlab.prozorro.sale/prozorro-sale/billing/-/issues/62
    02bb275 feat(BSE, BSD): not use billing if organizer NBU for basicSell issue: https://gitlab.prozorro.sale/prozorro-sale/billing/-/issues/64
    ef83688 feat: add operatorFee field to response issue: https://gitlab.prozorro.sale/prozorro-sale/billing/-/issues/63
    446b06c Fix docs for changing output of common endpoint for integration.
    f6aaf69 Fix bankruptcy protocols
    a3d1145 Add exception for pryvatbank
    04d942d Add exception for pryvatbank
    70c58c3 Revert minimumLivingCost for bankruptcy protocol testing.