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  • v0.3.0 protected
    Tagged release v0.3.0
    f973e30 Move contractStatus and contractMethod to dictionaries
    4e0db03 Added classifiers for contracts
    40422f2 Update tests for dgf dictionaries
    afa5a4e Add dgf specific dictionaries
    901a683 Update constructionTechnology.yaml content
    489cfc6 Update tests
    2a3b6b2 Upate dictionaries and classifiers scheme mapping
    82fd1f4 Update dictionaries
    5c0104f Update classifiers
    f9c9561 Update common ditionaries content
  • v0.2.0 protected
    Tagged release v0.2.0
    c4e7845 Update Makefile and ci configuration
    5468ef9 Add chart for dictionaries_and_classifiers service
    cd65f6c Add README.md
    3a4e287 Add CI configuration
    290ba24 Fix style errors
    0597670 Add swager descr for endpoints
    7633fc5 Add tests for api endpoints
    d644f15 Add src files for dictionary and clasifiers service
    f8a7afc Add dictionaries and clasifiers content files
    7c572ea Add Makefile
    5f41fcc Add Dockerfile and compose files
    95f8ce2 Add requrements
  • v0.1.0 protected
    c3dfa12c · Initial commit ·
    Initial tag for dictionary and classifiers repo