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  • v0.1.7 protected
    Tagged release v0.1.7
    75f4d86 Use prozorro auth package for auth utils
    7fa50d3 Update fixtures according to procedure model changes
    f7835ac Update procedure version
  • v0.1.6 protected
    Tagged release v0.1.6
    7c9ee80 Fix fixtures according to model changes
    a27091e Bump procedure version
  • v0.1.5 protected
    Tagged release v0.1.5
    57bbc1b Upgrade procedure version
  • v0.1.4 protected
    Tagged release v0.1.4
    e4665ed Updated tests according to model changes
    c257c43 Bump requirements
  • v0.1.3 protected
    Tagged release v0.1.3
    3a80148 Update procedure version to 0.5.0
    97adda0 Decrease helm client version in ci
    9004a23 Add api version endpoint
  • v0.1.2 protected
    Tagged release v0.1.2
    14592a8 Updated tests according to model change
    a3fe1e1 Update version of procedure package in requirements
  • v0.1.1 protected
    Tagged release v0.1.1
    2510b30 Remove dead code and refactoring
    b6d58b5 Make limited queue for client
    e8186d6 Add tagging to makefile job
    3c0cffa Build helm packages on tag increment
    0e989d5 Add client timestamps dict to statistic
    2f461b1 Turn on merge cursor functional
  • v0.1.0 protected
    Tagged release v0.1.0
    9f9b372 Increase replicaCount of mirror service to 3
    886835e Increase failureThreshold prop in livenessProbe to 5
    540799b Fixed minor issue in queue handling
    d1b8b9f Removed assignement of client object to global variable
    3dd37d9 Removed some debug code
    d2795b8 Fixed import error according to python update
    06ada6e Catch up cancelled error in initial sync, and force close cursor
    ab5bc27 Change memory snapshot logic
    1f851d7 Memory snapshot for investigate memory leak
    57c77c7 Call procedure serializer instead of simple
    f0690b7 Refactor procedure serializing
    fcb6f6b Temporarily remove merge cursors logic
    3d87321 Remove entry from log
    a917fdb Implementing token authorization
    b301eb8 Update monitoring format
    b4ea8fe Add tag kube to some job, show logs after test integration
    12d58e8 Add AUTH_TOKEN for client container
    d1651d9 Removed asyncio debug from Dockerfile
    223b3dc Add logging on cancelled queue and monitoring endpoint
    ad904ca Remove canceling task, move oplog query to try
    8b2c5ed Update requirements
    88e2215 Handle situtation with incorrect client timestamp
    82b8a2a Catch up TypeError when trying to serialize entry for client
    2457801 Handle situation with mongo cursor error
    5cf22c2 Add empty entry type
    cfce2a7 Add job to push tagged image
    7783527 Refactor dockerfile to use layer cache effciently
    a98f591 Log level should be INFO by default
    66e958e Enable integration tests
    6d5e1d4 Fixed compose file for integration tests
    2ac58f5 Fixed port number the app is using
    50bff25 Changed API URL to match overall scheme
    bd4fa46 Update CI
    f205212 Disable coverage report publish
    96dafd9 Disabled broken tests for now.. :(
    c65ed11 Add coverage to gitignore
    7590c98 Move mongo url to env variable
    3825966 Add integration tests on base operations
    ce0967f Add compose service for tests integration
    593ee07 Add serialize on delete op
    fa56ee3 Fix serialization
    1bd4f7f Rename _lastModified field
    ff39a1e Move data processing to the client's sync
    310e5d2 Integrate Procedure model
    c08526c Add helm charts
    9903c82 Fix condition in the get_timetsamp method
    0f1e6d4 Change datetime format
    5510643 Get mongodb url from env
    49041dd Remove unused import to fix lint stage
    1f7d911 Add publish-coverage command
    81070c6 Add gitlab-ci
    7d0c91a Add initial test
    5940877 Add test requirements
    b21dc13 Add abillity to run tests in container
    541640f Change data in the get_timestamp return condition
    c66b7e3 Add $set attr to the update_one method
    7e623fe Add health check endpoint
    2b28aec Add get_ids_since_timestamp to client
    3555238 Add get_ids_since_timestamp method to the full client protocol
    82d6443 Add client state checking
    6d06641 Add index
    f1dda44 Properly disconnect client
    ee94b0a Merge oplog cursors that has clients with same timestamp
    a827576 Refactor operation handling
    e1d167d Add temp debug decorator
    e372cdc Change timestamp requests
    c99b0f0 Change insert to upsert
    65ed8e9 Add mongo client
    2fb2f9b Add git ignore file
    ec9bc9c Await client.noop method
    7504cbd Check if data exists in the get_last_timestamp method
    b4401df Remove unused import
    09c1257 Handle sync from initial point
    9bc20b4 Change _remove_unsupported_fields to _transform_unsupported_fields
    5517ee0 Change operations handling
    afe1ddd Add custom exceptions
    fd85d43 Add available operations for full and simple protocols
    3154ff2 Add client operations methods
    2a657ed Add BaseSocketMirrorClient
    f7c3cea Add Full and Simple clients
    42ad0aa Add initial websocket handler
    06242b6 Fixed MongoDB namespace parse
    30c7ee7 Working on basic functionality of mirror service
    e5cf12b Basic makefile to build image and run it
    7493e04 Initial Dockerfile and requirements.txt
    50f2160 Update README
  • v0.0.0 protected
    d54a14a8 · Initial commit ·
    Reference tag for initial version