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  • v3.72.0 protected
    Tagged release v3.72.0
    274f1cb9 fix(change owner command): fixed tuple of ids check
    8fe28780 feat: return extended legal names info from get_legal_name_mapping endpoint
    fd1322bf fix(SPE): rewryite typo in legal names
    dea46296 feat(SPE): uncommit desqualified bid document validation
    f435c715 feat: add validate procedure data databridge endpoint
    727a2128 fix: update databridge procedure creation view logic to add ability work with documents
    247afd78 feat(CI/CD): issue templates
    6f848d68 fix(SPE): update disqualificated awards termination reasons
    a2fdf2e1 feat: add databridge endpoint to be able to create procedure endpoint
    4f348d7d fix(SPE): remove x_additionalInformation field
    b3292dcb fix(SPE): change item registrationState dict to registrationStatus
    32ee8f18 fix(SPE): app option to change asset holder in nnon terminated statuses
    dc9e00ed fix(SPE): rewrite assetHolder address to adddressUa
    166f2e10 fix(SPE): remove read only from participationPayment
    509dff3b fix(SPE): add Theck on True value variations for preliminaryContractSigned validation
    b3a693a7 fix(NLE, NLD): add description for prolongationTerm
  • v3.71.2 protected
    Tagged release v3.71.2
    9bf710e1 fix(SPE): remove postalCode from address assetHoolder
    0fb83d62 refactor(SPE): remove ContractMixin from ActiveQualification state
  • v3.71.1 protected
    Tagged release v3.71.1
    9c04b77d feat(SPE): add assetHolder field
  • v3.71.0 protected
    Tagged release v3.71.0
    37d76aa7 fix(SPE): add missed registry asset doc typpe
    7c28c06c feat: change available CAVs issue: prozorro-sale/procedure#1754
    23e1e7ae tests(SPE): add m100 migration fixture
    12c0dd55 fix(SPE): uupdate 200 dm classificator relation to CAV from 051 to 05
    ecdf9a46 fix(SPE): update clarificationPeriod conditions due to tenderAttempts
    64e6f8dc fix(SPE): add relatedEntities
    609aff5e refactor(SPE): update  period datetime for fast, fast-manual specs
    24c01207 fix(SPE): change award status when admissionPeriod expired from unsuccessful to cancelled
    a0780b61 feat(SPE): add preliminaryContract logic
    817a2bd8 feat(SPE): add preliminaryContract logic
    d01df206 fix(SPE): add additional Classifications
    ae8ebe21 fix(SPE): update logic to check forbidden  docs
    b0442213 fix(SPE): update active_qualification spec
    d2414ca4 fix(SPE): add clarificationPeriod, remove bid  concentrationPermit docType
  • v3.70.1 protected
    Tagged release v3.70.1
    02315235 fix: change procedure's 96 migration for empty accounts value
  • v3.70.0 protected
    Tagged release v3.70.0
    cb670169 feat(ALE,BS,CS,LR,LS,SSW): add new accountType issue: https://gitlab.prozorro.sale/prozorro-sale/procedure/-/issues/1739
    60dc8242 fix(tests integration): add missing migration when building db object
    908f95e8 feat:(migrations) add migrated objects 096
    8a9521a6 refactoring(all procedures): rewrite accounts field from list-dict to list
    b7aed042 refactoring(LLE, LLD, LLP): rewrite bankAccounts field from list-dict to list
    939959fd fix(nl legal_names): added doc types of prolongation
    aa688eb9 refactoring(NLE): fix typo in legalNames
    f431bef6 fix(dgf): changed default x_dgfPlatformLegalDetails value
  • v3.69.0 protected
    Tagged release v3.69.0
    be6c7336 refactor: move sleep delay to success object replacement sate
    a8a6d966 refactor(job): add delay to applay_migrations job
    66fbe289 feat(DGE, DGD): remove accountHolder_ from required fields
    f0e45757 refactor(NLE, NLD): remove readonly from waitingPeriod.EndDate, add waitingPeriodUpdated to readonly
    eae200fa feat(all proc): accountHolder add identifier dictionary
    9ac866d8 feat(SUE/SUD): disable change award status on Qualification and Awarded issue: procedure#1545
    9db8e72b fix(NLE, NLD): rewrite terminationReason values
  • v3.68.1 protected
    Tagged release v3.68.1
    b443f24a feat(DGE, DGD): remove accountHolder_ from required fields
    4b4b1bc1 feat(SUE/SUD): disable change award status on Qualification and Awarded issue: procedure#1545
  • v3.68.0 protected
    ca73342d · Merge tag 'v3.67.1' ·
    Tagged release v3.68.0
    6925fcd2 feat(SUE): change min auction period start date to 14 calendar days
    ca669de5 refactoring(SPE): add missing letter for x_ultimateBeneficiaryInfo legalname
    ed2eb1e2 fix(SPE): add document logic for award pending_admission period
    24fdc7fd feat(all procedures): add new field accountHolder to bancAccounts account
    3c4c0d1c fix(NLE): change default minNumberOfQualifiedBids from 2 to 1
    fed72341 refactoring(SPE): rewrite legalnames
    1e86a9e3 feat(LLE, LLD, LLP): add new martialLawDisclaimer field
    4412bc67 fix(move_procedure_document command): added tests
    483e824e fix(move_procedure_document command): changed command
    b019f7e0 fix(NLE, NLD): remove decisionId, description from prolongation object
    caabcd61 refactor(SPE): update test
    5c6236f6 fix: update autoprotection logic for LL procedures for old procedures should not be protected
    3ba5db1c fix(cli commands): changed msg handler
    82a186c2 fix(SPE): fix _admission_period_expired logic
    518a20df fix(CSI): correct legalnames
    782427d1 fix(SP): fix typos
    e7c371f4 feat(SPE): add procedure app
    423a5d1d fix(NLE, NLD): correct legalnames
  • v3.67.1 protected
    Tagged release v3.67.1
    be33b1a8 fix: update autoprotection logic for LL procedures for old procedures should not be protected
    dc91a55a feat(SUE): change min auction period start date to 14 calendar days
  • v3.66.4 protected
    Tagged release v3.66.4
    eafb766a fix: update autoprotection logic for LL procedures for old procedures should not be protected
  • v3.66.3 protected
    Tagged release v3.66.3
    1aab4d5a fix: add pending_payment status to protected status list
  • v3.67.0 protected
    Tagged release v3.67.0
    9427feda fix(NLE, NLD): remove owedValue field
    1c8b43e6 fix(change_owner command): added user check before command execution
    73b30f50 refactor(all procedures): change account UA-IBAN name
    330992d1 fix: add procedure version to int conversion
    978f8d5e fix(CLE CLD): add 45, 48 classiffers codes to optional address
    1700e835 feat(change_procedure_owner): added bulk update
    8a46788d feat: add LL protect level field. Change LL protection level to be able to add high level
    30d7dbf3 fix(anon): update bid docs endpoints for protected procedure case
    28eb231e fix(address): migrated address to polymodel schema for all procedures
    50c10612 feat(all proc): update EDRPOU uk_UA name to ЄДРПОУ банку
    3d2744f1 fix(anon): hide documents for separated doc api views
    d86e39f4 feat: Add relationship matrix between procedures and auctions
    0e721e88 feat(CSI) add legalnames
    a220b4e5 feat(NLE, NLD): add legalnames
    bd28c6f2 fix: update fields to protection according to docs
    9581e2a0 fix(commands): fix protect command response status logging
    f0e433ad fix(CLD, RLD): add missing fields to white list for custom  procedures
    46491ec6 fix(NLE, NLD): add pending_payment status to protected
    96f40057 fix(commands): added document check for move_procedure_document command
  • v3.66.2 protected
    Tagged release v3.66.2
    223cff10 fix: add procedure version to int conversion
    4db6be04 feat(anon): add LL protect level field. Change LL protection level to be able to add high level
    5a5eb65c fix(anon): hide documents for separated doc api views
    a6e2fa0f fix(anon): update bid docs endpoints for protected procedure case
  • v3.66.1 protected
    Tagged release v3.66.1
    f0947935 fix: update fields to protection according to docs
  • v3.66.0 protected
    Tagged release v3.66.0
    a62eff21 feat(SUE/SUD/LLE/LLD/LLP/LRE/LSE/LSP): enable documentType:admissionReason validation
    78faebfb fix(protect): unprotect title field for LL procedures procedure#1681
    5f161d36 feat(commands): rewrite protect command
    913812ac fix(document scope command): added tools.async_api_requests integration
    da74e5b6 feat(commands): added moving document scope command
    a453050d fix(env variables): added secrets env variables
    1eacced3 fix(simpleSell test): fixed tenderPeriod.endDate test
    5e1d729e fix(NLE, NLD): add protection fields
    1688f45f fix(LSE): change wrong name of the custom spec
    854f4c13 feat(specs): add auction-prod custom procedure type
    89005acb feat: add ultra fast spec
    11db1902 fix(CLE, CLD): remove all required fields from JointPropertyComplexProps
    2954259b fix: change debtor address legalName issue: https://gitlab.prozorro.sale/prozorro-sale/procedure/-/issues/1674
  • v3.65.0 protected
    Tagged release v3.65.0
    55290cf0 fix(RLE, RLD, CLE, CLD): inactivate bids after any procedure field updated
    3be0846a feat(NLE/NLD): add NLE/NLD procedure
    5fe5f5c7 fix: make get_procedure_item protectable
    1453b98c fix(CLE, CLD): change utilityRoomsDescription field type from int too str, notlivingArea to notLivingArea
    23f05a09 fix(change owner commands): added old owner validation
    780157db fix(CLE, CLD): add transferAct contract doc to legalnames
    025e0212 fix(CLE/CLD): fixed 34 classification id for vehicle props
    8185f1ee fix(SUD): change selling method in schema
    ec3c5b51 fix(RLE RLD): update excluded classificators
    d812d657 fix(procedures): remove required docs validation for inactive bids
    f9fd76ca fix: update url string for protect auction
    98fcfe16 fix(RLE, RLD): remove x_guaranteeApproval x_registrationFeeApproval docs from required
    d4a76356 fix(CLE, CLD): rewrite vehicle itemProps classiification mapping
    ef731ac5 feat: add auction protection sideeffect for __protect endpoint
    06dab93f fix(deploy): change CI tag runner
    95b9898e fix(AAE,RLE): change legal name issue: https://gitlab.prozorro.sale/prozorro-sale/procedure/-/issues/1676
    e467281e fix(BRD,BSD,CLD,RLD): change timerTick issue: https://gitlab.prozorro.sale/prozorro-sale/procedure/-/issues/1679
    2ebbe6b4 fix(command ops): added auth file loading for change_owner commands
    e262e495 fix(RLD): change previousAuctionId example in schema issue: https://gitlab.prozorro.sale/prozorro-sale/procedure/-/issues/1680
    425c3511 feat(commands): update move_to_* commands with procedure object update
    37309c09 refactor(redundant code): removed redundant code, added todo marks
  • v3.64.0 protected
    ca6718bb · fix: update snapshots ·
    Tagged release v3.64.0
    ca6718bb fix: update snapshots
    6ec4b0d0 feat(protect): Add /procedure/{id}/__protect endpoint to manually protect procedures procedure#1677
    6260f01f fix(CLE/CLD): remove forbidden fields on active tendering state procedure#1672
    7d18700a fix(change owner): added broker name validation
    a7010a5b feat: add protection level to 'protect' command; add abilty to protect archive data
    64d363d8 feat: hide history data for protected procedures
    8b00d174 feat: add protect functionality for all procedures. Add different protection levels. Update tests with snapshots
    3fc1abfe fix: change dutchStepPercent default value issue: https://gitlab.prozorro.sale/prozorro-sale/procedure/-/issues/1671
    2cf2be37 feat(change owner): added databridge endpoints for bid/procedure owner change
    81569c9e fix: update bsd procedure auction period specs
    d22ee97f fix(RLE, RLD, CLE, CCLD): make bankAccounts lease type required
    67768d90 refactor(LL): change legal name CR: https://gitlab.prozorro.sale/prozorro-sale/change-requests/-/issues/207
    7767f06d fix(CLE, CLD): remove requiredness of representativeInfo
    cae9dbb7 fix(BRW): remove evaluationCriteria doc type from allowable docs
    8d672634 fix(RLE, RLD): add valuePeriod leaseDuration bid deactivation fields
    19ca83c3 fix(CLE, CLD): add contract transferAct document type
    88b435b8 feat(dutch auction): forbid to update activated bids
  • v3.63.1 protected
    Tagged release v3.63.1
    bd013b47 fix: update bsd procedure auction period specs
  • v3.63.0 protected
    Tagged release v3.63.0
    983b7785 fix(BRW): remove evaluationCriteria doc type from allowable docs
    d2a109f0 fix(BRE, BRD, BRW): removed requiredness from debtorInformation contactPoint fields
    8bef8e66 feat: set default _protected field value depends on PROCEDURE_AUTOPROTECTION env variable
    0ddb3e29 refactoring(SSW): update procedure legalnames
    9ed0196a fix(BRW): add contract auto activation on procedure completion
    3c128fa6 feat(commands): add command to recalculate procedure periods