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  • v3.62.2 protected
    Tagged release v3.62.2
  • v3.61.2 protected
    Tagged release v3.61.2
  • v3.62.1 protected
    Tagged release v3.62.1
    a5d9c23e fix: freeze random value for success snapshot tests
    fe5f985d fix: resolve protect boolean value generation
    f9c337eb feat: add procedure data protection. Add protection config for LL procedures
    71d286a3 fix(dutch) add autofill logic for dutchStep, minimalStep fields in custom procedures
    89ef3819 refactor(fixtures): moved fixtures to test folder
    1d2a37ed refactor(schemas): moved schemas to corresponding modules
    f1e84461 refactor: refactor error messages
  • v3.62.0 protected
    Tagged release v3.62.0
    24da6783 fix(dutch): set minimalStep value  amount equal to dutchStepValue amount
    f998020d fix(SSW): changed test
    e19c50d5 fix: update bankRuptcy Cancellation model
    5f2a18c7 fix(SSW): changed sellingEntity schema to organization
    84555d26 fix(dutch minimalstep): set round value amount to one logic with duchStep
    fb95df93 fix(BRW): change cancellation reason to multilang
    b6002a16 fix(specs): removed specs config map
    41f203e8 feat: add CSI single bid transition logic
    cf214395 feat: add CSI custom procedures; fix integration tests
    c2590bdb feat: create CSI procedure
  • v3.61.1 protected
    Tagged release v3.61.1
    e8574337 feat(CSD): update dutchStepPersent logic
    bd73919b fix: add extra param no-sorting to migrate-procedure-documents cmd to resolve no index sorting
  • v3.61.0 protected
    Tagged release v3.61.0
    19f97a4c fix: document migration command remove collection validation
    db714a56 fix(SSW): removed guarantee max value validation
    a523a1ff fix(BRW): removed required contractProforma doc
    cb1f84ab fix(SSW legal names): fixed legal names description
  • v3.60.1 protected
    Tagged release v3.60.1
    8fde532e feat(deploy): add mongo podAntiAffinity
    a86e2901 fix(SUE/SUD/LLE/LLD/LLP/LRE/LSE/LSP): temporarily disabled until sites are ready
    0017977c fix(SSW cancellation): removed required documents validation
    6b621ab0 fix(SSW tender period): fixed min/max date validation
    5fa848d4 fix(SSW): added specs for SSW fast procedures
    f313f1b6 fix(SSW awards activation): made awards activation after procedure completion
    f5feed38 fix(SSW disqualification docs): made rejectionProtocol/act not required
    fac85ac6 fix(SSW): fixed awards order
    a5b7e7a2 fix(SSW bankAccounts): removed registrationFee type
    820d2f51 fix(SSW spec inheritance): removed time inheritance for validation
  • v3.60.0 protected
    Tagged release v3.60.0
    e41ac209 fix(SUE/SUD/LLE/LLD/LLP/LRE/LSE/LSP): delete validation tenderAttempts by previousAuctionId and recursive get disqualified awards from previous_auctions issue: prozorro-sale/procedure#1623
    de689f80 fix(SSW schema): removed redundant swagger example for minNumberOfQualifiedBids field
    e74a7412 fix(SSW periods): made rectificationPeriod calculation from publication next day
    53f9f90f fix(SSW periods): made rectificationPeriod last for 3h
    05f731d5 fix(SSW schema): added required guarantee field
    7677729f feat(SSW): added unit tests
    a990a25a feat(SSW): added classes and specs
    5cc2a5c6 fix(withoutAuction procedure): added minor fixes
  • v3.59.0 protected
    Tagged release v3.59.0
    6f43f756 fix(BS/CS): changed min auctionPeriod.startDate validation
    194869de fix(LL period tests): moved to separate module
    bdd308bc fix(LL auction period): changed min auctionPeriod.startDate validation to 5 days
    67a2732e fix(ApplicationWrapper): changed ApplicationWrapper usage from metrics to tools
  • v3.58.2 protected
    Tagged release v3.58.2
    6022ee4f fix: change glog string for base specs configuration
  • v3.58.1 protected
    Tagged release v3.58.1
    f534037d fix: resolve import error in databridge
    f513bd07 feat: update migrate_procedure_documents command with read-init-point parameter to read last data from file to resume execution not from the beggining
    cfbcd880 feat(docstrings): added docstrings and todo marks
    709fa4d5 fix: update migrate_procedure_documents command db query for pauses docs
    b2273632 feat: update doc migration command with from-dt until-dt options. Change procedures doc migration order
    56e8fdda feat(docstrings): added docstrings and todo marks
    9da51084 feat(docstrings): added sphinx requirements/config
    a0ab312e feat: add multi currency issue: https://gitlab.prozorro.sale/prozorro-sale/procedure/-/issues/1616
    8d0ab7b1 feat(command ops): create script for migration to document service db
    f15dd56d fix(errors): add validation error handling
  • v3.58.0 protected
    4fd98377 · Merge branch... ·
    Tagged release v3.58.0
    b3e1cdd7 fix(custom-proc): change base class for renewables-multiawards-initial-qualification-fast
    6bd8eec2 fix(SUE/SUD): Subsoil migration for required items fields
    32bf35c8 fix(BRE, BRD), fix isPartiallyPaid_autofill tests
    ac74177e fix(BRW): Fix legal_names BRW
    382b53b5 Fix legalNames for bankruptcyWithoutAuction
    b4dd2b92 fix(bankRuptcy custom procedures): fixed fields whitelist
    bf5a16bb fix(CLE/CLD): Add autogenerated additionalClassifications CPVS DA04-3
    c68baedb tests: fix failed bankrutspy tests
    f7351b77 feat: migration for soubsoil spec_v2
    30acfb7f fix(DRE, BRD): add award periods recalculation on active awarded
    fb93bb74 feat(SUE/SUD/LLE/LLD/LLP): Add disqualified bids logic
    1f6bc0fc build: update swagger-build makefile command
    0a2dc7b4 tests: fix failed renewables tests
    7ed95cb4 perf: change swagger.json generation
    992bd9cf perf: remove allof in custom specs
    ea6c8e41 fix: add missed title in schemas
    80b5d18c refactor: change title to lowercase letter
    f8e683e9 refactor: add classifiers, dictionaries, mappings from fixtures/cache/ to gitignore
    c953640c fix: wrong swagger tag - prologation and actvie_qualification
    4e48e0f4 test: fix specs tests and change makefile to skip swagger tests
    a43d0e28 build: add pre-build stage to ci pipeline
    47fbebc7 feat: temporary disable document delete on CLI
    18e4038f refactor: update subsoil migration
    7933936e build: add migration for subsoil
    f609615b refactor: del minNumberOfQualifiedBids from procedure whitelist
    abd393df fix: add minNumberOfQualifiedBids validation
    78a469d1 build: update helm env vars with procedureApps and procedureCustomSpecs
    4b2c11e4 fix: remove test migrations from basicSell and dgf
    2e57f496 fix(RLE/RLD): Forbid patching bid to active status without required documents
    3f56af10 fix(SUE/SUD): Add validation for items schema fields
    bb5b6569 fix(RLE/RLD/CLE/CLD): Update tests for discount field
    895e1a0b Turn on integration tests
    c70d787c fix(SUE/SUD): Forbid patching award to active status without required document auсtionProtocol
    18e01c26 refactor: validation tests
    f6b7187c fix: add validation for minNumberOfQualifiedBids field
    04163a84 fix(SUD): Fix timer tick for specs SUD procedure
    1d1b8da3 fix(db history): add json.loads to archivist response
    18533bbf fix(CSE/CSD): Fix commercialSell classification (remove masks)
    a238fac7 Fix commercialSell classification.
    69b96b0e feat: script for changing owner of procedure or bid
    e94ae959 fix(RLE/RLD/CLE/CLD): Add itemProps validation for CVZU classificator
    9dfbafe7 fix: tenderPeriod.startDate starts according with the technical documentation
    e998f7d6 fix(RLE/RLD/CLE/CLD): Add additional classificator CVZU
    ca9b7c0c fix: periods time to not strict
    e756b4e0 fix(integration tests): temporarily disabled
    3c4c0106 feat(CLE/CLD): Add commercialPropertyLease procedure
    e469b452 feat: update spec subsoil to v2
    55690a60 fix(RLE): add freeze_time for RLE
    9cebcc3d feat(RLE/RLD): Add FOR-IBAN identifier
    ae7504dc fix(RLE/RLD): Change item fields characteristic unit, quantity to required
    ea7763a0 fix(RLE/RLD): Add classificators with optional address
    244517b5 fix(RLE/RLD): Add required bid docs
    a872c7bb fix: repair failed tests
    39a783ba fix: fix swagger generation script
    5cee9c30 fix(BRE integration tests): added freeze time
    50b1d900 fix(RLE/RLD items): remove addressIdKATOTTG
    661a7c7f feat(RLE/RLD): refactor and add integration tests
    62ef8d8d feat(RLD): RLD implementation
    7e391784 Add structure and legal_names for regulations property lease.
    bfec16cf fix(tests): fix integration tests
    5ad0e728 fix(RLE): add mixins for bids documents
    c3c5dfb2 fix(BRW): move BRW spec
    95399e44 fix: fix after conflict errors
    06730658 fix(RLE): add discount validation
    fd8c41bb fix(RLE): add procedure field check when deactivating bid
    440efe61 feat(RLE): Add classifiers, refactor package structure
    7c200165 Fix legal_names for regulationsPropertyLease-english
    cdecc942 Add legal_names for regulationsPropertyLease.
    0fb995bc feat(RLE): Add unit tests
    35f96206 feat(RLE): Add regulationsPropertyLease procedure
    081af3e1 Fix structure for regulationsPropertyLease-english.
    220e2590 Remove initialValueAmount from regulations property lease dutch.
    d8c2ae9a Update regulationsPropertyLease.yml
    32db02bf Add dictionary for regulations property lease item types.
    11310395 1. Added dictionary and description for accountType field 2. Added descriptions 3. Changed CLE on RLE in previousAuctionId example dutch procedure
    10b22a55 Update descriptions
    3e4d2a25 Fix legalNames. According to https://gitlab.prozorro.sale/prozorro-sale/procedure/-/issues/1052.
    f9364b6c Fix bank accounts type title.
    47774b72 Fix bank accounts model for regulations property lease.
    514252c2 Add structure for regulations property lease dutch.
    c26cbba5 Fix classificators.
    3ab60534 Remove readonly from access details for regulations property lease.
    c1479de1 Fix structure based on template for regulations property lease.
    901610b6 Add structure for regulations property lease.
    725c060e fix: add schemas yaml to package_data
    d4cc6fab feat: Add models autodicover. Create apps module with apps registering
    15413544 feat: add app class with specs autodiscover method
  • v3.56.2 protected
    Tagged release v3.56.2
    2ee69e4f Fix commercialSell classification.
  • v3.57.0 protected
    Tagged release v3.57.0
    24e5be24 fix(bankruptcy organization): redefined Organization class
    bca63a42 fix(schema): fix regex validator for weekdays endTime
    f56639e8 fix(bankRuptcy): added data migration
    e7686870 Fix bankruptcy organization structure.
    65f15b4f Fix alienation discount
    ba0c278d fix(isPartiallyPaid validation): changed to DataError
    38d18177 fix(clarification tests): added tests with patching documents
    239a6e7a fix(ALE/BRE/BRD/BRW/BSE/BSD/CSE/CSD/LLE/LLD/LLP): Add itemProps vaidation for CVZU classificator
    c8ee8b1b fix(ALE/BSE/BSD/BRE/BRD/BRW/CSE/CSD/LLE/LLD/LLP): Add additional classificator CVZU
    4b518b58 fix(BRW update award): changed awards update logic
    8dcd546f fix(Contract upload): added role in class init
    d35897b0 Fix cancellation for BRW. Autogenerate reason from dictionary.
    efdc4c67 refactor: remove freeze_time from procedure fixtures issue: https://gitlab.prozorro.sale/prozorro-sale/procedure/-/issues/1562
    cc6e827f fix(BRE/BRD): added act document in pending_payment status
    a3b4c4e3 fix(integration tests): temporarily disabled
    a7667a31 fix(BRE/BRD/BRW): Fix 500 without bankAccounts schema
    ef7c1289 fix(db history): add json.loads to archivist response
    140c57cb feat(prefixes): add procedure prefixes endpoint
    954ae1c8 fix(model generator): add validation to auction period
    8e9a91ac refactor(BSE, BSD, CSE, CSD, GFE, GFD, LLD, LLE, TIE, TIM): change rule for discount field issue: https://gitlab.prozorro.sale/prozorro-sale/procedure/-/issues/1526
    85bffca8 tests: Add freeze time fro integration tests
    a6012bd8 fix(FOR-IBAN): added tests
    eaacbb9b fix(FOR-IBAN): added FOR-IBAN for BSE/BSD/CSE/CSD
    bf0c2e00 fix(masks): renamed variables and classes
    dfaeb378 fix(previousAuctionId validation): added migration
    ca79cea8 fix(previousAuctionId): added tests
    a559c593 fix(previouAuctionId): changed validation
    9f3cd634 fix(integration tests): added freezetime for BRE/BRD
    d9ff0486 fix(LRE/LSE/LSP): fixed update_number_of_qualified_bids, added test cases
  • v3.56.1 protected
    Tagged release v3.56.1
    ca82ac0e fix(db history): add json.loads to archivist response
    3f66cec5 fix(LRE/LSE/LSP): fixed update_number_of_qualified_bids, added test cases
  • v3.55.1 protected
    Tagged release v3.55.1
    3eeab4d4 build: tweak artifacts url
    92150e54 fix(LRE/LSE/LSP): fixed update_number_of_qualified_bids, added test cases
  • v3.56.0 protected
    Tagged release v3.56.0
    b8e1f2e4 feat: add devops script
    3da8332f fix(isPartiallyPaid): added autofill value on activation
    f464908b fix(BRW awards): fixed data autogeneration, added awards validation on POST
    ee444845 fix(BRW): added terminationReason autoset
    86b95e24 fix(BRW): changed statuses
    dbda7359 fix(bankRuptcy integration tests): added freeze time
    80f078fe refactor: use_class_BaseProcedure_for_timber
    96d59c2b fix(BRE integration tests): added freeze time
    80af9ac3 fix(fetch_billing_data): changed response codes handling
    744513b7 fix(StateMachine): seperated StateMachine and Procedure classes
    315f3bb8 refactor: change discount description for BRE BRD ALE SUE SUD
    06a39758 fix(BRW): redefined BidMixin class for bids manipulations
    8be8c782 fix(BRD sellingMethodType): changed autogenerated value
    006f3362 fix(BRE/BRD/BRW representativeCertificateNumber): changed to string instead of multilang
    0692a705 fix(BRE/BRD/BRW representativeCertificateDate): changed to date-time instead of multilang
    3e209957 refactor(get_role_from_context): moved definition to procedure class
    f59e1d9a refactor: general item for SUE, SUD
    690ff400 Fix field sellingMethodType for bankruptcy.
    0af3819a ref: add freeze_time for several tests issue: https://gitlab.prozorro.sale/prozorro-sale/procedure/-/issues/1446
    71af4b17 refactoring: add new fixture create_procedure_in_db and rewrite get_procedure fixture issue: https://gitlab.prozorro.sale/prozorro-sale/procedure/-/issues/1446
    404eb176 Remove requiredness for addressId for organization for bankruptcy
    54eec6fa fix(db): remove http from archivist path
    f84caaa1 feat(db): integrate with archivist service for saving and getting history
    10e85c27 fix(broker period): fixed billing data fetching
    b3045cf1 feat(BRW): added tests
    4b70796c feat(BRW): added classes
    3caab077 fix(BRW): added termination reason dictionary
    a1a72fe1 fix(BRW): added procedure classes
    102af747 Add bankruptcy without auction.
    2c7d16ae refactor classifiers output, add swagger_description
    2efc0b3a add integration test for classifiers_endpoint
    ef92caa4 refactor: get classifiers from class
    48e6906e add enpoint for procedure classifications
  • v3.55.0 protected
    Tagged release v3.55.0
    bfe673ac build: update requirements
    f2abfd55 refactor(BRE/BRD): moved awards periods assignment to awards states
    b4b13fc8 fix(brokerPaymentPeriod): added optional calculation
    3841fd58 refactoring: use url from tools for environment variables. issue: https://gitlab.prozorro.sale/prozorro-sale/procedure/-/issues/1512
    3ddf93a1 refactoring: remove deepcopy from tests issue: https://gitlab.prozorro.sale/prozorro-sale/procedure/-/issues/1511
    354e72f6 fix(CSE/CSD/BRE/BRD): Update document after rectificationPeriod is over (during enquiryPeriod)
    2f0361bd fix(BRE/BRD): Fix bids sorting after auction
    e72ce0e7 refactor(contracts): changed the way of contract documents check
    1dd9edac fix(CSE/CSD/LRE/LSE/LSP): Extend accountIdentifications with ua_identifier classifier
    56a4ef47 fix: update docker-compose mongo port mapping
    aedc881e fix: Move kvtspz from dictionaries to classifiers
    2f106fa4 Add possibility to choose bank ideintifier from ua_identifiers for CS and land procedures.
    aabec976 fix(BRE/BRD): add additionalClassifications generation
    17713b20 fix(bankAccount): added ability to modify bankAccounts before signingPeriod
    5036bfb2 build: update gitlab-ci & makefile remove-compose
    43d56c67 fix(sellingEntity): added sellingEntity update in non terminated statuses
    2ca980e0 fix(calculator): add epoche date validation for auction start time
    bc60a749 build: Bump tools and auth versions, update pipfile
    95db654a fix(BRE/BRD): copy auctionProtocol from bid to award
    8286a460 fix(allProc): Remove bids validation when auction send back data to procedure
    71204936 refactor(compose): move compose logic to one compose file
    738c9097 refactor(TIE, TMA, RCE, RCD, SUE, SUD): move discouunt validation to _validate_data
    dffa96a1 fix(BRE/BRD): check clarification document only for changes that inactivate bids
    9cfd8203 refactor(spec_docs): update formatting
    38f23503 fix(ALE/CSE/CSD/BSE/BSD/BRE/BRD): Add possibility patching award status to active on non business days
    2a1765d3 fix(BRE/BRD): remove discount required check if tenderAttempts >= 2
    f0b18e06 fix(ALE): change legal names for award documents
    d8818533 refactor spec vizualization periods output
    a6765450 refactor spec vizualization periods output
    23396b97 fix(ALE): fix discount according to tenderAttempts
    1aa7781b sperate_docs
    7f21f96a minor refactoring
    dc8f062b split readme versions file, added diff versions readme
    1101a049 minor fixes
    605f34e3 fix(allProc): Fix priority and dutch sorting
    a48caed5 Merge branch 'zamirets/1447/refactoring-sorting-bids' into 'master'
    8df373cd added args params for command string
    a7a75593 script for spec_v2 vizualization
    2a58a67d specs fields description
    bf590c52 fix: add missing values
  • v3.53.1 protected
    Tagged release v3.53.1
    a1461a12 build: Tweak artifacts url
    72637bbc fix(BSE/CSE/ALE): Check validness of bid during activation
  • v3.54.0 protected
    Tagged release v3.54.0
    c9c0eeae remove epic from spec_url
    5b675442 fix(BRE/BRD): add discount validation
    13a149cc Revert "Merge branch 'zamirets/1447/refactoring-sorting-bids' into 'master'"
    86263a08 fix(BRE/BRD): fix signingPeriod length
    867dc742 fix(BRE/BRD): added bids deactivation based on changed fields
    11ca1e0c fix(BRE/BRD): removed redundant registrationFee field
    f7f80add feat(BRD): added unit tests
    a7c6e6a1 fix(allProc): Refactor bids sorting after auction
    a2ff9947 feat(BRD): added integration tests
    eb499fac feat(BRD): added states implementation
    de3eeee3 feat(BRD): added procedure class for BRD
    e503e015 Fix fields for bankruptcy dutch
    c2f472b7 fix(BRD): changed sellingMethod from english to dutch
    49e9ae59 Add structure and legal_names for bankrupcy dutch.
    b10fb538 fix(isPartiallyPaid): added validation for 1 time assignment
    0e80c9b9 fix(BRE): change accountType from guarantee to payment
    696ebfe5 fix(BRE): set minNumberOfQualifiedBids max limit
    c6d3b3f4 fix(BRE): fixed paymentPeriod calculation
    53418971 fix(BRE): fix pending_payment award transition
    c19c373a Remove document commercialProposal for bankruptsy english.
    5dea5f98 fix(BRE): remove commercialProposal document
    0ea93c59 fix(BRE): fix legalNames for bankruptsy english.
    dad10f82 fix(BRE): remove addressIdKATOTTG field
    828a7a81 feat(BRE): implement pending payment logic
    55f1ad45 fix(BRE): fix swagger generation
    376edaf6 feat(BRE): fix procedure and add tests
    842512d8 fix(BRE): added registrationDetails validation
    6177a261 fix(difference calculation): changed the way of calculating date if spec is a list
    53c1a255 feat(BRE): Added states and classes for BRE procedure
    eb4976aa Fix structure and for bankruptcy
    084c6e89 Fix structure and add legal names for bankruptcy
    0b4411fe Fix structure and add legal names for bankruptcy
    58d54db5 Add structure for bankruptcy
    a3deee63 fix(Dutch procedures): added base class for procedures, added tests for autogeneration fields
    c91b453b refactor(dutch procedures): added inheritance from english procedures and DutchStepMixin
    bd491064 fix(allProc): fix dateModified not changed on award status update
    9c7230af Fix legal names for bid documents for alienation.
    fbd896cd fix(BSE/CSE/ALE): Check validness of bid during activation
    aad9890f changed legal_names for cancelled award
    c1650f2c refactor: defining app config settings using Environment class