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  • v3.37.1 protected   Tagged release v3.37.1 9e8421ee fix(LLP, LLE, LLD): add object type validation to bankAccount 9f59e106 fix(bank accounts validation): removed max items value, added unique BankAccountsGroup accountType validation, moved old validation for HolderBankAccountsGroup only 20067469 fix(SUD): #1068 Fix rectification-tendering transition crash
  • v3.36.2 protected   Tagged release v3.36.2 74664c39 fix(SUD/LLD): #1068 update period start date calculation on rectification to tendering transition
  • v3.37.0 protected   Tagged release v3.37.0 fcc7e8b0 feat(LLP,LLE,LLD): #1047 add validation and tests on Schedule 8a32c566 fix(TIE, TIM): add items auto adding to awards and contracts 42f72bc0 feat: Add test for incorrect cancellation reason key d03a5f88 fix(contract patch): added documents field to exclude for patch contracts endpoint. BREAKING CHANGES: documents field is forbidden for patch contract by id endpoint fba592f1 fix(bankAccount): changed validaton for bankAccounts ab64cf55 feat: provide description for legitimatePropertyLease cancellation cb14b345 feat: add non active procedure validation for procedures with registry obj 14bb6db1 fix(LLE LLP minNumberOfQualifiedBids): blacklisted minNumberOfQualifiedBids field. BREAKING CHANGE: minNumberOfQualifiedBids field for LLE/LLP is now readonly and by default is 1 d1ed5e54 feat(LLE, LLP): Make min number of qualified bids 1 for LLE, LLP. 0a0f7d0c fix: add holiday to local config 0b159256 fix(LLD): add creation of panding_waiting awards a9c6753f feat: Add migrations 53565af5 fix(LLD, LLP): update value type for guarantee, registrationFee, currentTenantGuaranteeFee 4fba2fcf fix(LLE, LLD, LLP legal names): correct legal names endpoints 76a4a597 fix(LLE, LLD, LLP): blacklist listType field db353312 fix(LLE,LLD,LLP): legal names for procedure's complete status in LLE, LLD, LLP. ec3576a2 fix(AccountIdentification): added validation for AccountIdentification empty id 8c531179 fix(LLE): fix min auctionPeriod startDate calculation f9c31e04 fix(LLE, LLD, LLP): add correct classificator to joinPropertyComplex itemType 01f0d9d4 fix(LLE, LLD, LLP): add migrations for additionalClassifications from wrong data to autofill data 8b81ad6a fix(LLE LLD LLP): add migrations to additionalClassification field for awards, contracts, bids a64996c6 fix: legal name contract proforma for legitimate property lease. 8cf71c7b fix(registryObjectId fetch): changed the way of getting registry data from databridge 83a0e657 refactoring(swagger): Add script to prebuild swagger file. Update ci with swagger prebuild step e80f056c feat(LL bankAccounts): added tests for bank accounts validation 0fd5e011 feat(LL bankAccounts): added validation for bank accounts 6fd8fb20 feat: Rework bankAccounts structure for legitimate property lease. 773cf6e6 feat: #1038 change makefile a97e00ec fix: legal names for legitimate property lease.
  • v3.36.1 protected   Tagged release v3.36.1 b978adf5 fix(LLE, LLD, LLP): add migrations for additionalClassifications from wrong data to autofill data c09b4b0c fix(LLE LLD LLP): add migrations to additionalClassification field for awards, contracts, bids
  • v3.36.0 protected   Tagged release v3.36.0 ddf78613 refactor(LLE LLD LLP): rename additionalClassification to additionalClassifications 232631b4 fix(LLE, LLD, LLP): add contract cancellation when active award unsuccessful 4ab65f57 feat: #1038 add --skip-existing on twine upload 6e6630a2 fix(LLD): add tender period for dgf dutch initial auction cadde443 feat: #1038 add build python post version in master branch fb383393 feat(databridge): added endpoint for getting procedure objects in databridge ad30c42c feat(Legitimate Property Lease): move registryId validation to mixin 8f7c45ec feat(LLD): add custom procedure types 3b46cf5a feat(ll bid required documents): added validation for required documents of bid for tendering period 122863f7 fix(cyrillic x): renamed words with cyrillic x e2e45460 refactor(schema): remove read_only from accessDetails for all procedures 09faa3d1 refactor(logs): change migration log errors on warnings 9f2f59e6 fix(LLE, LLD): add ability to cancel procedure during active auction df6f94d3 fix(Legitimate Propery Lease):Add additionalClassification autogeneration 1ead5a57 fix: update schematics to 3.2.9 to fix fields not removing on import_data f891335e fix(custom qualification-prod specs): set periods end_date and start_date to null 53de5930 Add readonly for award's value for legitimate property lease.
    4245c18e · Merge branch... ·
  • v3.34.3 protected   Tagged release v3.34.3 12fb2670 fix: update schematics to 3.2.9 to fix fields not removing on import_data
    13a68b45 · build: Tweak specs ·
  • v3.35.2 protected   Tagged release v3.35.2 c85a7a35 fix: update schematics to 3.2.9 to fix fields not removing on import_data
    438313a4 · build: Tweak specs url ·
  • v3.35.1 protected   Tagged release v3.35.1 9e6d3dde fix(llp custom procedures): added current tenant determination 54577c67 Add clarification document checks for post item [DFG] 20ea6ca2 refactor(LLE): change error log to warning if registry obj not found db22f1dd refactor(value without tax): renamed schema bd554dc9 feat: add legal names for legitimatePropertyLease-english and tests for update_legal_name_dict rel: #922 779409a0 feat(llp custom procedure): added classes and tests for llp custom procedures a571fca7 feat(llp tests): added tests for llp procedure 081303d3 refactor(ll tests): added base pytest classes for LL procedures cfde9266 feat(llp procedure): added base classes for LLP procedure
  • v3.35.0 protected   Tagged release v3.35.0 1ab3e4c6 Add check for clarifications document on dgf procedure update 1ec37dc2 fix(legitimatePropertyLease documents): add x_itemPlan validation 105b784b feat(LLP): add registryId field 25d1d361 fix(Legitimate Property Lease): Add required contract activation docs validation 439d37d2 refactor(LLE test): fixed tests, added items operation tests, added fixture generation for different item types f122701f fix(Legitimate Property Lease):correct min auctionPeriod startDate calculation 841bbf7c refactor(LL poly model item): changed poly model generation for LL procedures to use dict instead of list ded4f6fd fix(states): fixed states blacklisting e20d30aa fix(Legitimate Property Lease Dutch):Fix auction date start time 468a428a fix: #910 contract docs cannot be uploaded/updated (POST, PATCH, PUT) when contract status is already 'active' in all procedure b95bd906 fix: Fix api/specs/ json datetime object serialization 8a7fea62 Fixed legitimatePropertyLease.yml schemas. Added claim function for legitimatePropertyLease procedure 22ab5aa8 fix: #887 do not deactivate bids in basicSell when body is empty 88738dde feat(real estate item): added qualification field autofill 87810be5 Add totalObjectArea required in reProps. 192d94a7 fix: #887 add validation on update item data a664bd74 feat(dgf): Change regex for previousAuctionId field validation cc2cc70a docs(dgf): Update previousAuctionId examples f6e6cce4 fix(dgf): Add dgfPublicAssetCertificate field to whitelist 4b2ae421 added dgfPublicAssetCertificate 5ff92dcb fix(legitimatePropertyLease award cancellation): change required reason field to terminationReason 7b2618f7 Add changing to active qualification when 1 bid LLE 1ed3ed42 feat(legitimatePropertyLease-dutch): added legal names for procedure b3baa3e1 Fix legalnames in legitimatePropertyLease. 72a1e3a1 fix: #844 add validation value.amount on dgf-dutch-initial-qualification 692a2da3 fix: #928 cancellation relatedDocument only digitalSignature b0f41a1d Ref #928 cancellation relatedDocument only digitalSignature 2a3033dc fix: #928 cancellation relatedDocument only digitalSignature 63228d71 Add UA-IPN-FOP fixture
  • v3.33.4 protected   Tagged release v3.33.4 67b315f1 feat(dgf): Change regex for previousAuctionId field validation 53549a3e docs(dgf): Update previousAuctionId examples aa52deb1 Refactor prolong test according to time zone b5bda083 Dgf tests refactoring considering time zone f57ea9a6 Tweak artifacts url 62a3bf80 fix(dgf): Add dgfPublicAssetCertificate field to whitelist 0690e56f added dgfPublicAssetCertificate
  • v3.34.2 protected   Tagged release v3.34.2 970a3035 feat(dgf): Change regex for previousAuctionId field validation 637b2193 docs(dgf): Update previousAuctionId examples
  • v3.34.1 protected   Tagged release v3.34.1 e2c26203 fix(dgf): Add dgfPublicAssetCertificate field to whitelist a6eab9de fix(dgf): added dgfPublicAssetCertificate field
  • v3.33.3 protected   Tagged release v3.33.3 39ac5da3 fix(dgf): Add dgfPublicAssetCertificate field to whitelist e255b3a0 fix(dgf): added dgfPublicAssetCertificate
  • v3.34.0 protected   Tagged release v3.34.0 0441c7cf Add validation for advancePaymentAccounts fbc4688e Add documents validation LLE cf55c6b4 Update api-deployment.yaml 0e61490a Add tests 7e8e6e6d Add legitimatePropertyLease dutch procedure 2aca7c73 build(requirements): Update prozorro-tools to 0.8.0 153fde39 Add minNumberOfQualifiedBids validation 6869930a refactor: change Python YAML parser to C Yaml parser 692bd93e Fix active awarded status creation LLE LLD LLP ad631cd4 Add cancellation reason validation to LLE LLD LLP a2bd5aff related: #944 fix test for new spec 3648afed related: #944 83761976 Concat unsuccessful reason dictionary for dgf procedure a4fb42fc fix(help procedures): added more memory limits c8ef3b4c Add test for dgf-dutch-initial-qualification-prod f0efb6f7 Add new schemas for new initial-qualification-prod custom procedures af5b2857 Fix legasy error during procedure docs POST 0ec4de44 Revert "Add technicalSpecifications doc to required for procedure dfg" 88769fe8 fix: #919 change validator for catch 500 on timber-multiawards 1cd5a6d6 feat: resolved #971 clean spec folder 5a34dd85 Refactor prolong test according to time zone 02e0c2ea Add prolongation for dgf legalNames bf5d945c refactor(test dicts): removed unused dictinaries, added missing values for existig ones 280ae9c2 Add technicalSpecifications doc to required for procedure dfg 8729e82e Add ability to getting contract documents in completed state 12a71c22 Add procedure cancellation during active auction for dgf 6d294dde Dgf tests refactoring considering time zone 6752fb69 fix: #944 catch 500 error 97d3b9b2 Add ability to getting contract documents in unsuccessful state 1b928cb2 feat(LLE custom procedures): added classes for managing custom procedures for LLE 92c16028 fix(legitimatePropertyLease Award): changed the way of copying items to award, because of polymodel usage da8b536c fix: #884 enquiryPeriod.endDate bad212d3 Revert "fix: #884 enquiryPeriod.endDate" 5474e3f1 fix: #884 enquiryPeriod.endDate 54070ae6 fix(LeaseRules.intendedRestrictionMethod): changed validation logic for LeaseRules intended restriction method c07948da fix: #932 disqualify award with 'terminationReason' 8d4e991e fix: #948 Removed restriction on the use of classifiers 75c18172 fix(BSD swagger): fixed items rendering in swagger schemas a42e4a05 feat(legitimatePropertyLease-english): added legal names for legitimatePropertyLease-english procedure 2ea8d38d fix: #881 change validation for item.address d7d343d3 Add bid validation for railway initial qualification f1a4a064 Change address to addressUa in basicSell procedure.
  • v3.33.2 protected   Tagged release v3.33.2 0baa46b8 Refactor prolong test according to time zone 1cb6611f Add procedure cancellation during active auction for dgf eabc7b51 Dgf tests refactoring considering time zone 5217d998 feat(LLE custom procedures): added classes for managing custom procedures for LLE b296b2f4 fix(legitimatePropertyLease Award): changed the way of copying items to award, because of polymodel usage
  • v3.33.1 protected   Tagged release v3.33.1 69906853 Merge branch '920/slava/Add_procedure_cancellation_during_active_auction_state' into 'master'
  • v3.33.0 protected   Tagged release v3.33.0 34817fe7 fix(swagger generation): uncommented swagger.json tests for artifacts 0e07e64e feat(legitimatePropertyLease tests): added tests for legitimatePropertyLease english procedure e5be8c0f refactor(validation): changed the way of validating base.LeaseRules.intendedUse and legitimatePropertyLease.valueAddedTaxIncluded fields 4440cedc fix(landProps schema): added migration for intendedUse -> landInntendedUse field 0ab6e665 fix(legal-names): Fix x-modelName for basicSell-dutch b90e7e4f feat(legitimatePropertyLease): added base classes for english procedure 853dca39 fix(auth.yml): added new legitimatePropertyLease procedure for tokens bd0f2dca fix(swagger tests): commented swagger tests because it is time consuming 7fc40f51 fix(legitimatePropertyLease.BankAccounts): renamed bankAccountsUkr to bankAccountsUa 424ca8d3 fix(legitimatePropertyLease): removed redundant type definitions in schemas 96f99d48 feat(base.LeaseRules): added intendedUse field validation 752ec08a fix(dictionaries): added missing dictionaries 02d04b45 feat(legitimatePropertyLease): added base schemas for legitimatePropertyLease procedures, created claim function for items mapping 30e44388 Add custom period for subsoil dutch tender period 17621a38 Add basicSell legal names 2730a544 Fix bid_active_tendering_status test d32c627c refactor(classifier masks): changed masks validation, by adding exclusion masks a4d95b36 fix: #889 disabled change Bit status on 'inactive' from api 902ea332 Add tests for updated periods 58165797 fix: #882 #884 update basicSell-english spec rel: #904 a8fbab67 fix: #900 changing award status to unsuccessful d1acc516 fix: #900 changing award status to unsuccessful 9b4e183f Remove status invalid from basic sell english bid. 9f941faa Make Item location required for specific classification, basicSell eng b5764e75 Correct use of unsuccessful dict dgf dutch 78208a16 fix: #885 setup qualificationPeriod in basicSell-english fba4b167 Remove cancellationDetails from allowed document types for basicSell.
  • v3.32.2 protected   Tagged release v3.32.2 d4078f32 Refactored the way of getting winner/challenger awards and contracts f346fadd Fix bug with not changing status to active e5ad668c Fix: #891 Add terminationReason field to Award whitelist be77776c Fix: #891 Add terminationReason field to Award whitelist 555bcabc Change baseAddress to baseAddressUa dgf procedure. Linked to adding region dictionary. 71af6acb Change baseAddress to baseAddressUa renewables procedure. Linked to adding region dictionary. 798b2f19 Changed address for base.SellingEntity to AddressUa schema 459db660 Added base.AddressUa schema 2f4628d3 Fix 500 server error on procedure item post patch with list 40449cfa Added prolongationDate to forbidden fields for activation 00bd6d11 Revert "Merge branch 'mashony/revert-basicSell' into 'master'" 8653cc81 Returned logic with dgf qualification period expiration when active contract exists - procedure awaits to be completed manually 8fa16c23 Added dgf cancellation reason validation with dict values 735a0616 Updated requirements.txt and added test for basicsell procedure creation with broken data 9353e63c Change descriptions.
  • v3.32.1 protected   Tagged release v3.32.1 9f7e60a8 Revert "Merge branch '876/slava/BasicSell_dutch_procedure_implementation' into 'master'" 480fdad9 Revert "Merge branch 'mashony/dev-deployment-helm-limits-update' into 'master'"
  • v3.32.0 protected   Tagged release v3.32.0 20456825 Update assign_custom_periods and remove draft specs f7b70958 Add tenderPeriod to custom initial-qualification procedure f7f60216 Question period fixes, initial qualification adding ccd40095 Add fast spec 7e3c3bb0 Add pytest tests cbc4bd03 Add BasicSell dutch base class 98f4e3cb Add dutch basicSell skeleton procedure 6c8d8a76 Changed the way of asigning unsucessful reason of dgf procedures fab11be7 Add validation to dgf contract datePaid field 8e1d35da Added DgfDutchAuction class for bid documents validation at active_auction period a1c3a331 Added award disqualification on signing period end if procedure was not completed e51961c7 Require damagedDescription if damagedPresence 0eba27a2 fix(basicSell): Fix questionPeriod, rectificationPeriod enddate calculation f034920e Add basicSell english sellingMethods af50e7d8 feat(basicSell): Add check for clarifications doc uploaded on proc update b8c08153 Jwt refactoring 6908bcfc Remove create/update procedure documents methods from DGF Active Awarded state 6410df23 fix(basicSell): Expand roles who is able to update award status 2ca6a3ec fix(dgf): resolve 500 error on dgf item update api dbfb6b1d Change buyers english descriptionl. a730cf06 Update readme for specification 4fc9bc26 Change additionalinformation description. 5aef93c8 Change additionalinformation description. a35da3bd Update decription e6bfe313 Update description 2534cec3 Update descriptions