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  • v3.80.0 protected
    Tagged release v3.80.0
    06fc1b99 fix: add 113 migration to migrate lpe procedures terminationReason
    b416fb4f fix(saleCondition field): added tests for contract activation
    a847659b refactor: use math_round function from tools
    bc134c6a fix(SPE,SPD,LPE): added saleCondition field migration
    7934b3c5 fix(SPE,SPD,LPE): added saleCondition field logic
    c863e615 Update src/prozorro_sale/procedure/models/legal_names.py
  • v3.79.0 protected
    Tagged release v3.79.0
    ae32b9e1 Update src/prozorro_sale/procedure/packages/largePrivatization/schema/largePrivatization.yml
    fffdff64 fix (SPE,SPD,LPE): add field contractTimeAdded to contract
    da415c24 fix(address): fixed 500 address claim func
    5f22254a fix (SPE,SPD,LPE): add field contractTimeAdded to contract.yml
    12c681ea fix: added mixin for checking required admissionReason for disqualified bids, added validation in DutchAuction state
    a7ba082e fix(SUD): changed x_state_mapping.active_auction spec
  • v3.78.0 protected
    Tagged release v3.78.0
    d93a2ec5 fix(privatization): removed tenderAttempts validation if previousAuctionId is set
    d88508ff Update src/prozorro_sale/procedure/models/legal_names.py
    62b21731 Update src/prozorro_sale/procedure/models/legal_names.py
  • v3.77.0 protected
    Tagged release v3.77.0
    ed172550 Update src/prozorro_sale/procedure/packages/smallPrivatization/schema/smallPrivatization.yml
    153b2f15 tests: added large_privatization integration tests
    b44e907d fix(SPE/SPD): changed add_procedure_related_entities http method to patch
    e44055b9 fix: validate CVZU additionalClassifications by CAV
    2ab6054a fix(LR,LS): lotPaymentConfirmation can change multiple times issue: https://gitlab.prozorro.sale/prozorro-sale/procedure/-/issues/1807
    067fbeff feat(LPE): added tests
    142be734 feat(LPE): added LPE classes
    8cab2e7b feat(LPE): added schemas
    528e9203 feat(SPE/SPD): added method for adding related entities
  • v3.76.0 protected
    Tagged release v3.76.0
    9cff1023 fix(SPE): remove time values from fast-manual spec
    f8743573 fix(SPD,SPE): add valueAddedTaxCharged to whiteList for custom proc types
    4d11a2d7 fix: error in validation additionalClassifications
    6035b62d fix(SPD): fix custom specs timerTick time
  • v3.75.1 protected
    Tagged release v3.75.1
    480c3814 fix(LSE): change pattern for previousAuctionId field
    4f8910fb fix(SPE, SPD): fix logic to change second award status to cancelled on complete state
    546de22f fix(NLD,NLE): add validation by CAV for additionalClassifications
  • v3.75.0 protected
    f3be88e9 · Merge branch... ·
    Tagged release v3.75.0
    5dec4fdd fix(SP): raise 422 when patch preliminaryContract or preliminaryContractSigned field issue: https://gitlab.prozorro.sale/prozorro-sale/procedure/-/issues/1789
    c7113974 fix(SP): change logic to define disqualified bids for small privatisation procedures
    333d8d7a feat(databridge): add disqualified bids databridge endpoint
    65ac277c fix(all procedures): add relatedDocument validation
    2b262d99 Update src/prozorro_sale/procedure/packages/smallPrivatization/schema/smallPrivatization.yml
    16fab2c4 fix(SPE): add award_update to pending_admission award status
    49099b56 fix(SPE, SPD): add bankAccounts to editable fields during payment period
    ad828de0 fix(SPE): add disqualification to pending_admission award status
    9cc0d92b fix: from high protection level remove LeaseDuration and valuePeriod issue: https://gitlab.prozorro.sale/prozorro-sale/procedure/-/issues/1793
    0ba9fdcd fix(SPE SPD): remove description from required contract fields
    59766c99 Update src/prozorro_sale/procedure/models/legal_names.py
    15677e71 fix(LL medium protect): refactored protect function to class based + fixed medium protection of items in LL procedures
  • v3.73.3 protected
    Tagged release v3.73.3
    23d0c6e6 fix(SPE SPD): update announcement base url
    646af8c5 feat(smallPrivatization): make valueAddedTaxCharged field editable
    00ae8ff2 fix(SPE): add award_update to pending_admission award status
    373ce4f9 fix(SPE): add disqualification to pending_admission award status
  • v3.74.2 protected
    Tagged release v3.74.2
    ccb8acdf fix(SPE): add award_update to pending_admission award status
    13739148 fix(SPE): add disqualification to pending_admission award status
  • v3.74.1 protected
    Tagged release v3.74.1
    d35f72e3 feat(smallPrivatization): make valueAddedTaxCharged field editable
  • v3.74.0 protected
    Tagged release v3.74.0
    9acd615d fix(SPE SPD): update announcement base url
    41cc2a03 fix: add ownershipType to whitelist on copy proc data; fix doc url generation while procedure created by databridge
    e91a49cf fix(dutch procedures): fixed bid sending to auction on activation
    4c4fef18 fix(SPE, SPD) fix x_tenderersRegisterExtract legal_name
    24a0b3f1 feat(NLD,NLE): CVZU is allowed for LandItem issue: https://gitlab.prozorro.sale/prozorro-sale/procedure/-/issues/1782
  • v3.73.2 protected
    Tagged release v3.73.2
    eb59fca7 fix: add ownershipType to whitelist on copy proc data; fix doc url generation while procedure created by databridge
  • v3.73.1 protected
    Tagged release v3.73.1
    bc061066 fix: add with_notifications to award update, create handlers
    f96cd9e3 fix(SPE_SPD) change cancellation reason type to multilang
    ed445544 fix(SPE, SPD): make contract contractTime required field for active contract
    b76594b6 fix(SPE): make auto change from pending_admission to pending award status
    3f7dbbeb fix(SPE, SPD): add valueAddedTaxCharged to blacklist
    b871d92e fix(SP): remove databridge call on prev auction check; update procedure copy export fields
    234aa2a7 fix(indexes): added registryId and status fields to index
    7ed130fe fix(SPE, SPD): forbid to update award participationPayment field by procedure owner
    dba1e6fe fix(protect medium): removed awards/contracts items from protection
    a6a51e0b refactor: return filtered only init procedures legal names
  • v3.73.0 protected
    Tagged release v3.73.0
    5fd5ec22 feat: add get_procedure_data_for_coping databridge endpoint
    63d1f2cf feat: add metadata to notifications when status changed
    7dd25d90 Update src/prozorro_sale/procedure/packages/smallPrivatization/schema/smallPrivatization.yml
    081924f9 fix(SPE, SPD): change cancellations reason from multilang to string validated from dictionary
    6df510bf fix(SPE, SPD): make valueAddedTaxCharged default true
    7e7b8d8c fix(SPE): rename financialStatement to financialStatements for bid document
    125a42f5 feat: add auctionId to databridge create procedure resp
  • v3.72.0 protected
    Tagged release v3.72.0
    274f1cb9 fix(change owner command): fixed tuple of ids check
    8fe28780 feat: return extended legal names info from get_legal_name_mapping endpoint
    fd1322bf fix(SPE): rewryite typo in legal names
    dea46296 feat(SPE): uncommit desqualified bid document validation
    f435c715 feat: add validate procedure data databridge endpoint
    727a2128 fix: update databridge procedure creation view logic to add ability work with documents
    247afd78 feat(CI/CD): issue templates
    6f848d68 fix(SPE): update disqualificated awards termination reasons
    a2fdf2e1 feat: add databridge endpoint to be able to create procedure endpoint
    4f348d7d fix(SPE): remove x_additionalInformation field
    b3292dcb fix(SPE): change item registrationState dict to registrationStatus
    32ee8f18 fix(SPE): app option to change asset holder in nnon terminated statuses
    dc9e00ed fix(SPE): rewrite assetHolder address to adddressUa
    166f2e10 fix(SPE): remove read only from participationPayment
    509dff3b fix(SPE): add Theck on True value variations for preliminaryContractSigned validation
    b3a693a7 fix(NLE, NLD): add description for prolongationTerm
  • v3.71.2 protected
    Tagged release v3.71.2
    9bf710e1 fix(SPE): remove postalCode from address assetHoolder
    0fb83d62 refactor(SPE): remove ContractMixin from ActiveQualification state
  • v3.71.1 protected
    Tagged release v3.71.1
    9c04b77d feat(SPE): add assetHolder field
  • v3.71.0 protected
    Tagged release v3.71.0
    37d76aa7 fix(SPE): add missed registry asset doc typpe
    7c28c06c feat: change available CAVs issue: prozorro-sale/procedure#1754
    23e1e7ae tests(SPE): add m100 migration fixture
    12c0dd55 fix(SPE): uupdate 200 dm classificator relation to CAV from 051 to 05
    ecdf9a46 fix(SPE): update clarificationPeriod conditions due to tenderAttempts
    64e6f8dc fix(SPE): add relatedEntities
    609aff5e refactor(SPE): update  period datetime for fast, fast-manual specs
    24c01207 fix(SPE): change award status when admissionPeriod expired from unsuccessful to cancelled
    a0780b61 feat(SPE): add preliminaryContract logic
    817a2bd8 feat(SPE): add preliminaryContract logic
    d01df206 fix(SPE): add additional Classifications
    ae8ebe21 fix(SPE): update logic to check forbidden  docs
    b0442213 fix(SPE): update active_qualification spec
    d2414ca4 fix(SPE): add clarificationPeriod, remove bid  concentrationPermit docType
  • v3.70.1 protected
    Tagged release v3.70.1
    02315235 fix: change procedure's 96 migration for empty accounts value
  • v3.70.0 protected
    Tagged release v3.70.0
    cb670169 feat(ALE,BS,CS,LR,LS,SSW): add new accountType issue: https://gitlab.prozorro.sale/prozorro-sale/procedure/-/issues/1739
    60dc8242 fix(tests integration): add missing migration when building db object
    908f95e8 feat:(migrations) add migrated objects 096
    8a9521a6 refactoring(all procedures): rewrite accounts field from list-dict to list
    b7aed042 refactoring(LLE, LLD, LLP): rewrite bankAccounts field from list-dict to list
    939959fd fix(nl legal_names): added doc types of prolongation
    aa688eb9 refactoring(NLE): fix typo in legalNames
    f431bef6 fix(dgf): changed default x_dgfPlatformLegalDetails value