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  • v3.4.0   Tagged release v3.4.0 f2931db feat: #97 validation weekdays len 8f44824 feat: #97 validation startDate < endDate ee4d3df feat: #97 fix migration 1accadb feat: #97 add migration 28c4bd8 Remove unused base.Period. ca2a82a Remove old fields from schedule. Add leaseDuration field. ae2b3b4 Fix schedule structure - remove period model. a1685e8 Fix schedule structure - remove period model. 5a20bfd Add integer format for schedule fields. f09478e Add period base model. 7273513 Add multilang to schedule weekdays. 9f48090 Add new schedule fields 4a79a92 fix: Update tests fixtures with buyers info 18e6334 fix(databridge): refactored databridge endpint to return full obj 71e7ceb Add minItems for buyers in contracts.
  • v3.3.0   Tagged release v3.3.0 6dcbaab test: add load tests for testing get objects by dateModified
  • v3.1.3   Tagged release v3.1.3 a887843 fix: Fix missed constructionTechnology dictionary load
  • v3.2.1   Tagged release v3.2.1 a84f4c4 fix: Fix missed constructionTechnology dictionary load
  • v3.2.0   Tagged release v3.2.0 d9d2ac1 fix(registry object, action, lease_request history): Add object_id validation acfaa31 fix(LeaseRules): added migration for broken objects depending on intendedUseRestrictionMethod. BREAKING CHANGES: intendedUse validation changed 2a4d9fc refactor(LeaseRules fields): changed validation for fields depending on intendedUseRestrictionMethod fefe6dd Merge descriptions for intendedUseRestrictionMethod. 3e60d9b Add required for intendedUseRestrictionMethod in LeaseRules. 560de2d Update intendedUse and intendedUseRestrictionMethod descriptions d64e037 Update intendedUse description 6a6fea9 Fix leaseRules intendedUse fields properties. 2d09365 Fix indendedUse fields in leaseRules block. daa8326 feat(registry action): Change related objs fields to relatedEntity list field c1a60e8 feat(registry databridge): Registry databridge implementation 6286124 refactor(AddressUa schema): changed schemas to use AddressUa model e127fca fix(LandProps): removed redundant _classfication_id field, renamed class f5adbdc Add _version field to the blacklist 8903ee8 Remove readOnly for buyers in contracts. 70d274a fix: #104 contracts list cannot be updated through obj PATCH req 216940b fix(dictionaries): added missing encumbrances dict to list
  • v3.1.2   Tagged release v3.1.2 7414a3d fix(requirements): updated requirements eecabe2 Merge branch 'master' into kpn/100/error_500_contract_creation 2b374fe fix: #100 checking response message in test bbda3f4 fix: #100 error on contract creation 9a0820b refactor(tests): created separate classes for testing different collections, moved existing tests 62661a1 refactor(tests): added new fixtures for tests 579739d refactor(test dicts): removed redundant dicts, moved dictionaries to separate folder 969f101 Fix swagger client generation 153fcdb feat(AddressUa): added AddressUa schema 30cf84d Update api-deploymet.yaml 235263d refactor(ClassifierIdStringType): changed the way of checking masks by adding exclusion d1ad20f Added BaseItemProps class for landProps schema 9797a8e Fix landProps model. 700d4f7 Add landProps model. 46ab297 Fix descriptions for base models. Add field landProps to JointPropertyComplexProps.
  • v3.1.1   Tagged release v3.1.1 d118bef Update api-deploymet.yaml
    d118befa · Update api-deploymet.yaml ·
  • v3.1.0   Tagged release v3.1.0 311fd8e fix(contracts): Fix 500 error on contract creation if documents field is None 3f2e376 Update api-deploymet.yaml ed7d770 Update tests for vehicle item classification validation 2387860 Add history endpoints for action objects e708be6 Change classificator for vehicleitem. e77550a Add to blacklist datePublished and dateModified for doc putch and put 316ccc5 Add ownershipType value. 5a6602d Change descriptions. 68ef22c Renamed field in required fields schema section. Breaking changes registryObjectId -> relatedObjectId, for lease_request f6f86de Added specific migration version usage for each migration test d34cbe2 Added migration for renaming registryObjectId field to relatedObjectId for leaseRequest cf607d1 Update lease_request.yml 458b649 Synchronize item props with procedure.
  • v3.0.0   Tagged release v3.0.0 e48cef1 fix(registry): make location field in Placing model not required 7770674 Fix get document history 500 error c45d0f3 Adding version when obj creation 97243e2 Kateryna/registry update descriptions 2664d7c Jwt_refactoring 9fdffa7 fix(registry-migration): Update 012 migration logging cf22d6f Update registry placing schema. Make addressId required 9326723 Make location required field in Placing model. Add migration to fill empty values ff2b8e3 Make address.locality required field in Placing model. Add migration to fill empty value f14fa54 Update region validation. Add migration to fix regions in placing a9e4659 Add endpoints for documents history for registry, action e264fd8 Remove ntendedUseRestrictionDescription if noRestrictions b794555 Add action, lease document datePublished dateModified to blacklist b1de052 Update descriptions 4c68d9f Update descriptions 48f1673 Update descriptions
  • v0.10.2   Tagged release v0.10.2 0188019 Adding version when obj creation
  • v0.10.1   Tagged release v0.10.1 51b66bd Use unique index for new fields
  • v0.10.0   Tagged release v0.10.0 abbaa12 Add logs to adding_fields_mongo.py 6261179 Use right name for archive collections 11066d4 Use right mongo url for migration script 06e6cec Add Id fields to registry, lease and action objects 6ad698a document datePublished dateModified to blacklist c361833 Change logic of removing field from data in object 4d58114 Add test on NoneType's validation 96c6e99 Updated intendedUse field description 6c01213 Set credentials for publish swagger package 4151cc5 Fix typo intendedUse typo 21700ca Add datePublished and dateModified to black list c25e7c1 Rename registryItemId to registryObjectId d1d69c1 Make document not reffering to itself 918411c Add document history endpoint 79dee5b Added validation for base.Identifier class by pattern dc2f540 Added intendedUse setting to None if intendedUseRestrictionMethod is noRestrictions b2b6794 Fix creating item with otherProperty 09484b3 Fix indexes creation for registry collections f9100d8 Make relatedDocument field only for digitalSignature when doc create
  • v0.9.1   Tagged release v0.9.1 de4e85e Pinned pyjwt version 1.7.1
  • v0.9.0   Tagged release v0.9.0 0de77cc Returned old swagger schemas without collapsing, in order to fix model referencing 747a559 Fix 500 due registryObjectItems incorrect data shape 62dab5b Use prozorro chart museum for mongodb-replicaset chart 9172dca Added swagger schema collaption 3f8c241 Added migration for registry objects titles da210c6 Pin schematics version to 3.2.2
    80414802 · Merge tag 'v0.8.2' ·
  • v0.8.2   Tagged release v0.8.2 3d23fca Use helm3 for build helm package
  • v0.8.1   Tagged release v0.8.1 4f8bb1e Added related_owner role to base model
  • v0.8.0   Tagged release v0.8.0 a007f6a Change migration for currentTenant 3460428 aaaa cceae41 Added migration for address.region.uk_UA and address.countryName.uk_UA fields 038652a Update test fixtures with right countryName.uk_UA field value 4468c68 Remove multileng type usage 1e572a7 Remove multileng type 85436f7 Added blacklisting data for LeaseRequest by tokens of object and its related objects 1d13218 Changed auth module for registry to use base auth service daa7609 Added setup wheel jobs 11f2221 Setup models on model generator import d8fbf16 Add migration for agreementExtension typo 2f82c23 Add migration for empty actingEntityRole field a9259cf Unpin python version
  • v0.7.0   Tagged release v0.7.0 c0b1737 Added nested classifiers support f01b5a9 Added migration for intendedUse field e5eac5a Added intendedUse field validation 0d37713 added intendedUse in base.LeaseRules 0c3a011 Use new dev urls for local env 5c263cf Added liveness/readiness probe initial delay 0d5f3ad Add swagger client generation test. Fix gitlab swagger cli generation step cbb6a4f Deny registry Action self-relation 7577df1 Update model AddressIdentifier import roles by adding name in blacklist. Update test fixtures. Fix tests aa20f01 Update model SellingEntity import roles by adding name in blacklist. Update test fixtures. Fix tests 425567b Update Organization import roles by adding name in blacklist. Update test fixtures. Fix tests
  • v0.6.2   Tagged release v0.6.2 13bd9ab Updated registry migration to migrate old objects without registryObjectItems.basicInfo.classification
  • v0.6.1   Tagged release v0.6.1 a79668b Fixed migration for managin entity identifier scheme