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  • v3.35.1
    Tagged release v3.35.1
    e161b1c ItemProps legal_name corrections (no lease mentions)
    b34d5cd fix(execution): removed items from model
    e5f7076 fix(execution): removed contracts.items from schema
    868b047 Перейменував бізнес назви документів не міняючи технічних полів
  • v3.35.0
    Tagged release v3.35.0
    01fb213 refactor(execution): remove create_execution endpoint from api
    74542d9 fix: New legal_name_UA for decision field
    aea695f fix(asset): add migrations
    ecaf367 feat(execution): add logic to send change_status request to jobber on terminal statuses
    85f76d9 feat: Large asset
    d728ed9 fix(databridge):: update create_execution endpoint
    b5eadaa fix(asset): fix required fields validation
  • v3.34.2
    Tagged release v3.34.2
    e1b7e84 fix(asset): fix required fields validation
  • v3.33.2
    Tagged release v3.33.2
    ab85bd2 fix(asset): fix required fields validation
  • v3.34.1
    Tagged release v3.34.1
    ab85bd2 fix(asset): fix required fields validation
  • v3.34.0
    Tagged release v3.34.0
    71e86d2 feat(asset, execution): add correct status validation
    2c2be8d fix(document): add relatedDocument type validation
    8d165cb feat(asset): add validate_for_announcement databridge endpoint
    ab2b77c fix(asset): remove id from blacklist for items and add validation
    7c3b65b fix(execution): add executionItemType to blacklist
    4bc1c7a fix(execuution): make ref contract value from base.Value
    b7398ec fix(execution): sett contract items minItem to 1
    dcf1dcb feat(execution): forbid to pass more then one contract
    47097ce Update src/prozorro_sale/registry/models/legal_names.py
    e31d3f3 feat(executtion): add legalnames
    faf2a96 feat(execution): init
    b1acb88 fix(asset): remove permission to change active_contracting
  • v3.33.1
    Tagged release v3.33.1
    d9d0a55 feat(asset): add validate_for_announcement databridge endpoint
  • v3.33.0
    Tagged release v3.33.0
    d3b0ce3 feat: add archiveId field to all models; add get_obj_snapshot_version endpoint to databridge
    4423ff7 fix(asset): remove illustration requiredness
    ba14ae9 fix(asset): add missed ownershipType compatible
    a1794a0 Update src/prozorro_sale/registry/models/legal_names.py
    31c5306 fix(asset): test_fixes
    dac08c9 fix(asset): test_fixes
    2c67e8e refactor(asset): update names for legal_names
    94b65b7 fix(asset): add active_redemption to pending alllowed statuses
    8d57666 feat(asset): add active_contracting status permissions
    57a0dae fix(asset): rename redemption to active_redemption status
    a9d265a fix: resolve bug with overwriting related entities with databridge endpoint
    d4c98ea fix(asset): addd check_required_docs when object updates
  • v3.32.1
    Tagged release v3.32.1
    10cccca refactor: rewrite legal_names endpoint
  • v3.32.0
    Tagged release v3.32.0
    bce0e30 refactor(asset): Update legalnames with en_US
    5f98704 fix(asset): change prefix from RAA to RAS
    4c426e9 fix(change owner command): fixed tuple of ids check
    34e55b7 feat(asset): add legal_names endpoint
    48a5e1f fix: rewrite document_history_list for docs as dict
    eb24075 feat: add update asset status databridge endpoint
    065ec49 fix(asset): change arg name to asset_id for remove_asset_document
    2e6c396 fix(asset): add assetItemType to blacklist
    b68974c feat(asset): add document s history list
    3492413 fix(asset): make description multilang field
    4218e0a fix(asset): add _classification_id injectingg on item update
    7dec0e8 feat(asset): add delete_document endpoint
    087bdad feat(asset): add relatedEntities updating logic
    ea6e403 fix(asset): remove desqualifiedBids field
    aba4a6f feat(asset): add item get, update  endpoinds
    f3a36b7 feat(CI/CD): issue templates
    82e0848 fix(asset): add missed document swagger files
    c2d33b5 feat: add get asset object endpoint to databridge
    c140860 feat(asset): add update_asset_status swagger
    a7ffb8a fix(asset): add option to change status to redemption
    2733010 fix(asset): add item cav validation for 06, 07 classifiers
    b0bd13e fix(assets): change status active_pending to active_rectification
    19a093b feat(asset): add active_contracting status
    d98ed73 fix(assets): change decisions field type to array
    8f40a5b fix(assets): change status name from active to active_procedure
    566e3c9 fix(assets): change assetHolder, assetCustodian, address to addressUa
    c2e49cf fix(assets): replace registrationState dict with registrationStatus for registrationStatus
    d6af05d fix(asset): remove informationDetails doc
  • v3.31.0
    Tagged release v3.31.0
    10bac5a fix: change mask validators
    670b437 feat: change available CAVs
    a368e8f feat(assets): add relatedEntity url generation
    87b9e5a fix(assets): remove rectificationPeriod, add active_pending status
    c2536f6 fix(assets): add update_asset_status endpoint
    081917a refactor(assets): change id generation to common style
    7e25305 feat(assets): add dm classificators
    0c3d2f1 refactoring(assets): add ImportStatusRole
    c47e8ca fix(assets): remove leaseApproverWebsite from JointPropertyComplexProps
    8752b6a fix(registry, assets): add itemPropsType field to props
    d5bbcb4 fix(registry, assets): add totalObjectArea to required fields
    153cd9d fix(asset): change address katottg to koatuu
    b20f809 small addings
    451a2a1 feat: add separeted user auth by object type
    4f270c4 feat: add asset object
  • v3.30.0
    Tagged release v3.30.0
    c3d2c80 refactor: move sleep delay to success object replacement state
    3667cb7 refactoring: rewrite apply_migrations logs
    c727ab8 refactoring: rewrite log message
    604c10c refactor(job): add delay to applay_migrations job
  • v3.29.0
    Tagged release v3.29.0
    c393115 fix(move_registry_document command): changed command
    22db056 feat(change owner command): added tests
    151b6d6 feat(change owner command): added change_registry_owner command
    95b3575 refactor: formated schemas
    7884335 refactor: removed procedure variable names, moved fixtures
  • v3.28.0
    Tagged release v3.28.0
    241df2b feat(polymodel address): implement MultiAddress model
    5a98821 fix(commands): added document check for move_registry_document command
    e9ce3a3 fix(document scope command): fixed documents type
    fe82720 refactoring(commands): rewrite protect command
    f7caa23 fix(env vars): changed document url to url type instead of str, refactored document upload
    0db84d4 fix(commands): registered move_registry_document command
  • v3.27.1
    Tagged release v3.27.1
    b0e44d6 fix(protect): remove relatedObjectId field from protection
  • v3.27.0
    Tagged release v3.27.0
    0ae63ff fix(Makefile): added helm stamp for charts
    99bf753 feat(commands): added moving document scope command
  • v3.26.0
    Tagged release v3.26.0
    aec1d89 feat(protect): add data protection with hidden information in object
    443b383 feat(commands): update move_to_* commands with registry object update
  • v3.25.2
    Tagged release v3.25.2
    e877d40 fix: resolve collection argument error and add --human_id option to update_owner command
  • v3.25.1
    Tagged release v3.25.1
    daec33c feat: update dependency
    d9c1c32 fix: rewrite search logic for _hidden param
  • v3.25.0
    Tagged release v3.25.0
    9f00b2c feat: add hide for all object
    35ffafa feat: add --no-sorting option to migrate_documents command
    e697c2d fix: cli hidden doc, change listType to statusInList