Tags give the ability to mark specific points in history as being important
  • v3.44.3
    Tagged release v3.44.3
    cce2298 Change renewables to renewables-MultiAwards
    69de31e Update client version to 3.44.3
  • v3.41.1
    Tagged release v3.41.1
    b063556 Update client version to 3.41.1
    80100dc (fix) Contrats validation
  • v3.37.0
    Tagged release v3.37.0
    6af361b Update client version to 3.37.0
  • v3.36.1
    Tagged release v3.36.1
    eb19fd5 Update client version to 3.36.1
    cc5eb96 Fix timber bank account fixture
    b66203e (fix) Add auth header to DS api calls
  • v3.32.1
    Tagged release v3.32.1
    7623951 Update client version to 3.32.1
  • v3.31.0
    Tagged release v3.31.0
    9ab1bf2 Update client version to 3.31.0
    52bc5c3 Update questions tests
    56a405e Update renewables tendering bids error msg
    fcedff5 Update conftest fixtures
    5f367c5 Update timber procedure tests
    7ada7f5 Update date config file for 2021
    af952e1 Update client version to 3.30.0
  • v3.28.0
    Tagged release v3.28.0
    0a1969d Fix publish in ci config
    5d0f1ca Fix publish in ci config
    071a9bf Refactor Makefile with new urls
    9f83c00 Update fixtures after address.region validation fix
    7d79f05 Use new dev urls for local env
  • v3.27.0
    Tagged release v3.27.0
    069a73a Change number of workers to 15
    fda7638 Update python version
    315b887 Update subsoil qualification tests
    0cbc916 Update renewables tests
    2a5ffed Modify test job in ci for deployment trigger
    13d5e7e Fix renewables tests
    b9c38ee Update railway procedure tests
  • v3.24.0
    Tagged release v3.24.0
    0d73c69  Update swagger client to version 3.24.0
    0b7f23b Update test fixtures
  • v3.23.1
    Tagged release v3.23.1
    a3bcfc7 Update swagger client to version 3.23.1
    29f853f Modify termination reason with new classifier
  • v3.22.0
    Tagged release v3.22.0
    2108270 Update swagger client to version 3.22.0
    156f8ed Modify railwayCargo fixtures
    57131c4 Update railway tests with new startDate format
    6bc1233 Update subsoil tests with new startDate format
    0947811 Update timber tests with new startDate format
    9a7ddb4 Update renewables tests with new startDate format
    c42285e Update railway procedure fixure data
    875a6c5 Update timber test_disqualification_pending_award test
    5ce6f27 Update timber fixture with new bid amounts
    ed94dac Update renewables contract cancellation tests
    9aa455f Rename nadra modules and fixtrues to subsoil
    110c95c Update test_sign_contract
    f8e363d Update test_self_cancellation_challenger_award_in_active_awarded
    f05059a Update self_cancellation_challenger_award test
    0dc9bfd Activate timber initial qualification tests
    6cdb355 Update timber initial quailififcation data
    98cb1aa Update ci url
    2ba82c0 Update client version to 3.17.0
  • v3.17.0
    Tagged release v3.17.0
    c8b223b Update ci config dev urls
    4bd3843 Revert "Merge branch 'update/ci_config' into 'master'"
    e7770f1 Update ci config urls
  • v3.15.0
    Tagged release v3.15.0
    e17828d Update timber procedure tests
    1f5c815 Add x_nonSanctionedStatement document fixture
    d11e594 Update railway procedure tests
    5372c50 Update ndara procedure tests
    5849ef6 Update client version to 3.15.0
    3a77c1d Correct auction test case in nadra with bids greater than initial+minStep
    3490a6b Small refactoring test case in nadra (not qualify auction with initial bids) and railway
    84d4ce0 Procedure after auction with initial bids should became unsuccessful
    59db63e Skip nadra-initial-qualification tests
    870f0ba Update timberEnglish additionalClassifications list
    30eba40 Update nadra award cancelation tests
    2337d03 Update renewables procedure fixture
    7c2f1ec Update timber data fixture
    88e4f4e Add test cases for timber, add correct fixtures, temporary skip qualification cases before preparing it on proc module
  • v3.7.0
    Tagged release v3.7.0
    77a8d4b Update client version to 3.7.0
    13d8c44 Fix  self  cancelling waiting award
    2cbde07 Update railway auctions
    77e3922 Update nadra test_auction_starts_flow test
    93f2d53 Unskip renewables auction tests
    29e0aa9 Fix test_self_cancellation_challenger_award
    c438488 Update settings
    966aa1f Change fixture desxription
    699e350 Fix test with tender attempts equals 2
    ddc2c95 Fix auctions bids accuracy
    570c7e6 Unskip working  test case in renewables module about cancel admission
    0cc4e6a Update railway procedure fields and tests
    cfc2ee5 Update nadra procedure fields and tests
    41b2316 Update renewables fixtures and tests
    9587e04 Update timeouts for procedure cancellations
    9ed2e31 Move document service test cases to separate module
    a2ff70e Small refactoring in nadra and railway cargo test cases
    9dedd3f Correct region value for nadra and railway
    c86c635 Add for renewables variables specific name, fix cancellation test cases, remove from nadra excess methods
    3933f4c Additional available railway test cases by scenarios #7
    ad42bb2 Add LICENSE
    529d944 Add config with temporary fixture for railwayCargo procedure, implement test cases #7
    70380b0 English auctions cases and Qualification cases for nadraEnglish procedure
  • v3.3.2
    Tagged release v3.3.2
    0a1b412 Update client version to 3.3.2
    7e8bde3 Move specific procedure data to separate module
    5c18d16 Fix changed error messages
  • v3.2.6
    a5932122 · Update client to 3.2.6 ·
    :Tagged release v3.2.6
    a593212 Update client to 3.2.6
    167644c Fix broken tests
    28355c8 Fix auction bid posting
  • v3.2.2
    Tagged release v3.2.2
    667fe89 Update client version to 3.2.2
    fc1bf80 Add AUTHORIZATION_TOKEN env variable
    8203be7 Update client to 3.2.0
    4be9dbb Add cancelling contract and small fixes
    ad54704 Correct test case with procedure completion
    f990bb4 Update client version to 3.0.24, for procedure v3.0.23
    11f6153 Update readme
    0208811 Add make run configurations
    d60226f Add make version job
  • v3.0.23
    Tagged release v3.0.23
    0cbe245 Update client version to 3.0.24, for procedure v3.0.23
    0208811 Add make run configurations
    d60226f Add make version job
  • v3.0.20
    Tagged release v3.0.20
    dfbb2c0 Update client version to 3.0.21
    5baf705 Uskip questions flow test
    670db98 Skip question_flow test
    5267d80 Fix rectification_period test
    5fb227c Merge branch 'vadym/fix_qualification' into 'feature/update_tests'
    a6447eb Update client version up to 3.0.20
    edf691e Fix cancellations_flow_active_qualification test
    9b92197 Update items description as multilang string
    33056ed Fix tests
    b457cbc Fix count business days in period
    b8bf187 Unskip test_qualification_loading_auction_protocol_to_bid
    4dbc5ce Filter deprecation warnings
    17ac949 Add check calendar test
    818ec8a Change active_rectification_period_test
    0a26519 Add helper code to count business day
    db814ee Change token hardcode in initial biid document fixture
    ef08608 Add check bids on qualification status
  • 3.0.11
    Tests for procedure_api_client v.3.0.11